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New Prem tanks for old! What you trading? What you getting?

Trading tanks

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AudDog_56 #41 Posted Jan 18 2020 - 16:21

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I would love to dump the T-50-2, too expensive to run,  but I do not really see anything I want. I have built 3-4 skill crews in all the KV, IS heavies, all with out a crew trainer, but it is too  late to go IS6 now.


S7CentNickel #42 Posted Jan 18 2020 - 16:52


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My regular IS6 for an Even 90. 

g327 #43 Posted Jan 18 2020 - 19:28

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I dumped my ebr for a ravioli. 


Why? I bought the thing last year, figuring that I could get lost in a 30 tank team on FL as I tried to learn how to play it a little bit. Hah! What a complete waste of time, effort and money. 


Based on my FL experiences, I learned that there was no way that I would ever try playing it in a random. 


I believe that the only thing guys hate worse than an enemy wheelie is an ally wheelie that is horrid. And I realized that I was not and never will be even good enough to reach being horrid.


A commander has to know his limitations! So for the good of my future teammates and to preserve my sanity, not to mention saving myself from untold trolling and flaming, I jettisoned the wheelie as fast as I could yesterday.

Goat_Rodeo #44 Posted Jan 18 2020 - 19:33


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46 KR Patton traded for the T-92 just to train US light crews in something other than the Gladiator filth pits that comprise tiers 1-5. I won the KR some time a go but it’s just such a meh tank I think I took it out maybe 3-4 times and parked it. Way to underwhelming. I’ll use the T-92 waaaay more. 

Cantshootstraight #45 Posted Jan 18 2020 - 23:09


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Traded in a Defender for a T92.  I had an Object 252U since the first day they were sold almost 3 years ago and got the Defender in a Christmas box last year and never played it since I already have the same tank. It seemed like a good trade since I didn't have any prem light tanks.

Ironclad455 #46 Posted Jan 18 2020 - 23:19

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SU-100Y for the Skoda T40.  Figure time to make more progress on the Czech line.

Atragon #47 Posted Jan 18 2020 - 23:29


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Quickly did the referral with someone. Got the AMX mle 49 worth 11k gold and traded it in for the Elven 90 costing 650 gold.

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