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CroftLLC #1 Posted Jan 23 2020 - 21:12


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Because of the upcoming Clan Wars season, and since my clan is constantly asking about which tanks are acceptable for Clan Wars, here is a complete list of which tanks your clan leader/caller will allow you to have in a Clan Wars battle. This list also applies to Advances, Tournaments, etc. (Any Tier 10 competitive battle, yes, Ranked Battles also.) 


Preferred Tanks

This is a list of tanks that you SHOULD have at least one of, because they are the best possible tanks available for Clan Battles.


T95/4201 Chieftain. 

Obj. 907

Obj. 279 e

VK 72.01 K

EBR 105


Acceptable Tanks

This is the list of tanks that you MUST have one of in order for your caller to want to let you participate. (Assuming your clan is competitive, anyway)


In order by nation, not preference:

Obj. 268 v4

Obj. 140

Obj. 430U

Obj. 277


Obj. 260

S. Conqueror

WZ-111 5A

Strv 103B




Rare Tanks

-These are tanks that are occasionally used, but are map and situation specific. If you have several of these, it makes you more valuable to your clan, but does not guarantee your entry into a game.




Leopard 1


Obj. 705A

T-100 LT

Conqueror GC (Probably any arty, but most likely this one, because of the high incident angle)

AMX 50 B

BC-25 t



60 TP*


Progetto 65*

FV215 183


*Some tanks have one or more really low parameters, and are only acceptable to bring to clan wars if you have modified your tank to compensate for its deficiency. Check with your caller for exact details. 



If you don't have one of these, you'll want to get at least one of the Acceptable List, and beg, borrow, buy, or steal one of the Preferred List. Good RNG on the battlefield, ladies and gentlemen, and we'll see you out there. May your enemies catch fire and low roll on you. 



P.S. Remember as always, participation in Clan Wars is both a privilege and an obligation: a privilege for you, that you have access to valuable rewards, and an obligation because your clan is counting on you to earn them reputation and resources. Participate or get booted. 



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Every_Good_Name_Is_Taken #2 Posted Jan 23 2020 - 21:29


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in today's current terrible meta only tanks used chief, 279e, 907, ebr, cgc.


wish it was different loved when people would bring different comps and it wasnt the same thing over and over and over and over.


other them my complaining good list.


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Plays_With_Matches #3 Posted Jan 23 2020 - 21:51


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View PostEvery_Good_Name_Is_Taken, on Jan 23 2020 - 15:29, said:

in today's current terrible meta only tanks used chief, 279e, 907, ebr, cgc.


wish it was different loved when people would bring different comps and it wasnt the same thing over and over and over and over.


other them my complaining good list.



It's part of the problem with clan wars. If you don't have one of the reward tanks there is little to no point in showing up as you will be replaced with someone that has a Chieftan. At least that was my experience in previous clans.


Panzerkind #4 Posted Jan 23 2020 - 21:54


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The meta is a little different out of the top 10-20 clan level, due to the lack of campaign and reward tanks, and different (more simplistic... tbh) calls. 

At the top 10 or so clan level, this is the tank meta;

-Object 907: This is the main component of most any strat that involves aggressive pushes or rotations, especially on open maps. On Karelia, for example, the current meta usually involves teams of up to 10-11 907s. Sometimes people will still substitute 140s or 430Us if they can't get enough 907s, but that is rare nowadays. Almost everyone at this level has one. 

-Chieftain: Main hulldown heavy tank. It is better in a defensive situation, due to its ability to hold a ridgeline, but it is used in pushes too depending on whether the map has suitable terrain. 


-Object 277/260: They are used interchangeably, though 260s are generally preferred. These are your push heavies. On smaller or city maps, they are often mixed in with 907s to give the pushing force some extra armor and alpha damage to make trades. On more open maps, which involve more dynamic calls and rotations and all that, they are often dropped in favor of purely 907s and maybe some chieftains in support. 

-Object 279e: It has many uses. On city map, you might mix them into your push force. You might bring a bunch for a defense, because they can be almost impossible to penetrate frontally in some positions. On an open map, you might send one or two to the opposite side of your main force as a roadblock to the enemy if they push that side, and it can give you vision and buy you some time to rotate your force back. 

-EBR105: It is THE scout. Period. Not much else to say about it. 

-VK7201K: Not used as much anymore except on some specific maps like Ensk and Himmelsdorf. They have some armor, alpha to trade with, and are tall enough to kill 279es frontally very easily. Other than that, they aren't really the most meta tank atm, but still used. 

-Leopard 1: Sniper/support. It is used on open maps in positions to create crossfires and farm the enemy force if and when they are baited into a killing field. It is used over the STRV103B in situations where flexibility and having a turret are important. 

-STRV103B: Used over the Leo when all you need is DPM sitting in one position shooting down one lane for the whole battle. Not much else to say about it. 

-STB-1: Used along side 907s in cases where gun depression is an advantage. 

-AMX50B: Used mostly on city maps to catch forces out and burst them with dmg. 


-T57: Used the same as the 50B when mobility isn't as important

-Batchat: Used to scout hill on Himmelsdorf... that is pretty much it. 

-T110E3: Used mostly on city maps like Ensk or Himmelsdorf to sit hulldown and deny avenues. 


-T110E4: Used mostly on city maps but has a turret so can poke corners and trade.   


-Obj 268 v4: Used lead pushes down corridors, but has sorta fallen out of style now that the 279e is a thing. It is still used in some instances where you want some extra mobility for this role though. 




That's pretty much all I can think of. 





ratpak #5 Posted Jan 23 2020 - 23:34


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if it's not in the Tech tree it should not be allowed in Clan Wars!

Dr_Jerkov #6 Posted Jan 24 2020 - 14:41

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View Postratpak, on Jan 23 2020 - 16:34, said:

if it's not in the Tech tree it should not be allowed in Clan Wars!

Everyone complains about not allowing them in clan wars, tournaments, etc. Where will they be allowed? Pubs? Imagining all the individuals who don't want to join clans would LOVE that.


Here, fight these tanks you cannot obtain without joining a clan. Clan wars participants will be spammed thses more frequently in battles because they cannot use them in clan related modes. GLhF.


Edit: That would be similar to an average football team complaining about having to play against the Chiefs. "We don't think they should be able to use Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, or Travis Kelce because we don't have them. We could draft and develop* others to become the offensive weapons they are, but since we don't have them no one should use rhem."


* - draft and develop as in get better at the game to earn these tanks yourself and then you can use those tanks yourself.

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snowblindND #7 Posted Jan 26 2020 - 19:54


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While Dr. Jerkov is correct, getting stomped by teams populated with reward tanks is....disheartening. Would it matter if they were playing tech tree tanks? Prolly not. Those top teams with the reward tanks are some of the best players with 6000-8000 wtrs. We get stomped due better tactics and game play.


But if I had my druthers, I prefer to face tech tree tanks.


I really do not like playing against Youjo and the other top ranked clans. It is a learning experience in pain.



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