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I'll say this...a long long long long time ago (I quit 4 years ago and am just coming back), shortly after I started playing WoT (so like 2014 or 2015) I was in a clan that did tier VI skirmishes and the leader used the knock down mod.  It gave us a huge advantage, over bad players and felt dirty.  That leader has been banned at least 3 times from WoT and made new accounts, though I believe he finally quit the game.  I have personally never used illegal mods but they exist. I've seen one that's like AutoAim but targets weak points on tanks.  Takes the skill out of it and allows weaker players to play above their actual ability and allowed better players to have a more global focus than right on the specific fight they were in.


The few tourneys I've played I used a separate vanilla client as I don't want even a whiff of impropriety.  Really the only mods I use anymore are XVM and a WN8 calc in game plus some garage stuff and a different 6th sense image.  Nothing that actually impacts play at all. 

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