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Flakpanzer Line

tech tree new tanks germany

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20Teeth #1 Posted Jan 26 2020 - 22:13


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Dear WG,


As happy as I am to see more tanks added into the game (double barrel tech-tree), I think there are plenty of players who want to see a little less Russian tanks added. I think an interesting concept to add into the game would be flakpanzer tanks. There are enough historical ones to not have to make up fake tanks, and it's an interesting concept to see a maus with an autoloader. Of course, in WW2 these tanks were anti-aircraft, but they could be used in-game as autoloaders or auto-reloaders. Here is my idea for what the tanks could be.


These tanks could have:

-Autoloaders or auto-reloaders

-High penetration and/or accuracy

-Good rate of fire

-Low damage

-High gun elevation


Note: I tried adding pictures, but they wouldn't load, I'm new to the forums so I might be doing something wrong.


Tier II - Flakpanzer I (A)


Of course, the tank looks more like a tank destroyer, but I think in-game it could be a light tank, because although the gun shield sort of looks like that of an M3G FT or a Valentine AT, I think the tank would behave more like a light tank, especially with its 20mm gun.


Tier III - Flakpanzer IV Kugelblitz


This tank had 2 guns in real life, but I think it would be better if it just shot both at the same time, all the time, as if it behaves as the 703 II or any of the double barrel tanks, then it probably wouldn't train people well for the higher tier tanks. 


Tier IV - Flakpanzer T-34


As the name suggests, Germany took some of the T-34s and stuck a flakpanzer turret on it. The advantages this vehicle would have would be, of course, the T-34 hull, and T-34 mobility. However, the turret armor will not be good. This tank has a 20mm gun to also compensate for the hull and mobility.


Tier  V - Flakpanzer V (G)


This is probably where I would consider these tanks medium tanks, as unlike the tanks prior, the tank would actually have armour, as historically it had 40-80mm. And of course, this tank would have another 37mm autoloader gun, probably with a good rate of fire to compensate with low damage.


Tier VI - Flakpanzer V (G) Super Coelian


This tank would have a 55mm, so probably around 70-75 damage per shot. This tank would behave similarly to the tier V as well.


Tier VII - Flakpanzer E-50


This tank would be interesting, especially for tier 7. Like the name suggests, this tank would have an e 50 hull, which would be great for the tank. A disadvantage for this tank, it that it also has a 55mm gun, for tier 7. Because of this disadvantage, it would have good rate of fire. This tank could also come from the VK 30.02 M.


Tier VIII - Flakpanzer E75


This tank would have an E75 hull, giving it a big advantage. Because historically this vehicle was planned to have a 55mm gun, that is absolutely terrible for tier VIII, so there could be an upgrade for let's say a 75mm gun. But remember, the gimmick of these tanks are that they have low damage auto loaders with high rate of fires. This tank could also be gotten from the tiger II at tier VIII.


Tier IX - Flakpanzer E-100


Here's where the fun starts! Of course, at tier 9, the armour would have to be lowered. Other things like view range would also be lowered. This tank would be fitted with an 88mm autoloader, which would be interesting on such a heavy-like tank. It would be better if this tank was a bit more mobile compared to the regular E100, and maybe had a weak spot on the turret or hull to compensate.




What? A maus with an autoloader? Yes, this is a maus with an autoloader. An 88mm, which is very low for tier 10, which would be balanced out with a great rate of fire. The concept of having a superheavy maus tank with that kind of gun would be crazy for tier 10. 



Reppic27 #2 Posted Jan 26 2020 - 23:14

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Dear 20Teeth,


Thank you for this elaborate post. I like it and approve.





Wanderjar #3 Posted Jan 27 2020 - 00:40

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couldnt hurt

VonWeber #4 Posted Jan 27 2020 - 01:26


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:B Nicely done post. I approve. With all respect, however, I foresee two issues.

1. How does WG make money off this idea to justify the investment of programmers' time? You'll need to add at least one premium AFV (per nation) to your idea.

2. The Flakpanzers you mention are all German AFVs, you'll need to add AA AFVs from the Soviet Union to even get WG to look at your proposal.

01LT #5 Posted Jan 27 2020 - 19:31

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Flankpanzers are ANT AIRCRAFT vehicles. why  would you want them in game as cannon fodder that don't make any sense and would not have the gun depression to be any use.


I always wanted mortor launchers and if wheeled cars(also not tanks) are in game now why not add motorcycles and half tracks

_Kradok_ #6 Posted Jan 28 2020 - 20:49


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More arty!


It's time.


And a tier 8 premium arty - I don't give a damn if it's Russian either!!

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