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WileECoyote_PhD #221 Posted Feb 19 2020 - 20:27

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View PostWileECoyote_PhD, on Feb 18 2020 - 11:37, said:

The epilogue to the post announcing the games says:

    Rental vehicles are locked and then removed a few days after the event ends.
    XP from rental tanks is transferred to Tier I vehicles of the corresponding nation.
    All mounted Equipment goes to the Depot
    Crew members are automatically retrained for similar research vehicles and placed in the Barracks. If insufficient bunks, the Crew members are placed in a temporary overflow, and are only visible when enough bunks are available."


It's Tuesday morning and the Rental tanks are still in accounts, still with equipment mounted, and still with crew members.
How long does WG usually mean when they say "a few days"?



To answer my earlier question, it's Wednesday morning and all the BB rental tanks are gone, equipment was returned to depot, and the barracks are over-full of BB crew.


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