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What WG should start focusing on...

WG Focus Tech tree balance low tiers

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minim8greyhound #1 Posted Jan 29 2020 - 06:02


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Well we have lots of tanks to choose from. I think WG should start focusing on making some of the rather useless tanks more balanced. ESPECIALLY in low tiers. I personally find tiers 3-4 completely horrible to play.


Tiers 3-4 are super frustrating and need some serious rebalancing. Many tanks are completely useless, especially when matched against tier 5 tanks. Most every tank is one shotable. Now when I play a tier 8 in a tier 10 match I know I can stil dish out some damage, and take a shot or two from most tanks. But at tier 3-4 this usually isn't the case and don't get me started on all those PAY TO WIN tier 3-4 premiums that just make gameplay even more unbearable. The pz1c platoons are also extremely annoying.


I just think WG should focus on this because imo if you are new to this game when you hit tier 4 it is pretty miserable...unless if you play the OP tanks of that tier

XturbohawkX #2 Posted Jan 29 2020 - 19:32

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Yes! The balancing is WAY OFF! 


More maps.


Less RNG


Better MM limited to 1 tier difference.


Do this or I play other stuff! No $$ for you until I see these changes.

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