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Balanced feedback regarding New 3D Styles

3D styles 1.7.1 Monetization

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Poll: 3D style feedback (6 members have cast votes)

Would you like 3D styles to be map camo specific? E.g Summer, Winter, Desert.

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    Percentage of vote: 66.67%

  2. No (2 votes [33.33%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 33.33%

Does a map style not fitting for a type of terrain matter to you? E.g a winter camo on a desert map.

  1. Yes (2 votes [33.33%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 33.33%

  2. Somewhat (4 votes [66.67%] - View)

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  3. Not really (0 votes [0.00%])

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Armacron #1 Posted Jan 30 2020 - 06:09


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This article is aimed at individuals who place import on their vehicles appearance, as well as suggestions for Wargaming to improve their earnings.Before making judgments please read the following statements carefully.  I have been wanting 3D styles in this game for a very long time, and I think it is a fantastic way for Wargaming to monetize their game. It makes Wargaming money and makes players happy because they can acquire 3D styles that look great for the tanks that they want. I hope that they make more of these styles for both premium and tech tree tanks, that being said, I think that there is a way to improve the current way that 3D styles are implemented. Current 3D styles are applied for every type of camouflage pattern, this means that any pattern you apply is used in every single battle with that tank, which is great! However, some of these 3D styles do not look good on all map types(Summer, Winter, and Desert). For example the new 3D style for the Progetto looks fantastic on Desert camo maps, such as Sand River and El Halluf, however this same camo does not look appropriate for other map camo types, particularly winter. It is odd to have palm tree leaves on your tank when you are in the arctic circle or surrounded by snow covered Pine trees. I want to support Wargaming by purchasing this style to encourage them to make more and move in this direction, however I find it jarring to look at a camouflage that is out of place with its environment. My recommendation is that Wargaming make certain 3D styles either apply across all map camo types, applied to a certain map camo type, e.g Summer, or a bundle that alters the same style slightly across all camo types. A good example of the latter is the 40T, which had the same camo but in different colors. And to do this while decreasing the current price of 2,500 gold for the 3D style to be applied across all map types. Doing so holds many merits. I find it likely that individuals would buy more styles, buying 1/3 or 2/3 available styles for a tank is better than purchasing 0/3 styles for a tank because you don't appreciate how it looks across all map camo types. Also it encourages more customization which people enjoy. The abundance of styles also lends itself to variability in how they are presented. It might behoove Wargaming to offer 3D styles as event rewards, offering different styles for different map camo types would allow players to choose their reward and express individualism. I believe that presenting styles in this manner will improve players customization and enjoyment of the game, as well as bring in money for Wargaming. As a sidenote. I really enjoyed the extra information which accompanied the release of the most recent 3D styles of the Progetto and AMX 50B. The thought that the designers put into the vehicles, and the history really made the tanks come alive and I found myself appreciating them more.

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