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Odd MM error.

WG trash devs who suck

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Zanarkand_C #1 Posted Feb 01 2020 - 06:39

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So I log in today to play a bit cause I haven't been playing much and wow! Look at all those WZs...


I had already read about the Dynasty event happening and when I read there was going to be tier X rentals I was like;

"Yeah, I like that. I think everyone should be able to participate in events, seems fair so I dig it." Thumbs up


But in my head it just seemed so obvious that the rentals would be only available for the 7 vs 7 mode. (which only the EU got) I didn't even think twice about it or them showing up in the general queue.


I had to post this in general error reporting section because clearly it must be an error. What kind of developer would just throw noobs into the highest tier in the game and think; "Yeah this is great, this is going to work out just fine."


But for real, dumb crap like this happening in the game just blatantly shows the developers don't play their own game.

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