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Emil II 2nd Engine is a waste of XP

Emil II

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iDestroya #1 Posted Feb 05 2020 - 04:06


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Been grinding this line; used free XP for the gun and tracks. Grinded the XP for the 2nd engine. Made no difference in acceleration. It's still way too slow. With half the battles being ROFL-stomps the tank can't get into action soon enough. Just don't buy it!!! It's a waste of XP!

Burhead06 #2 Posted Feb 05 2020 - 06:53

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upgraded engine increases your hp/t by like 3 , which is kinda alot. 

also gives you significantly better traverse speeds on all terrain. dunno what your smoking about the tank being too slow to get into positions to shoot things, if i can get into positions in a type 4 most of the time im sure you can manage in the emil.

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