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Type 5 and HE rounds, a question.

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HideYoDag #1 Posted Feb 08 2020 - 20:02

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So, I'm thinking of buying the Type 5. The HE derp gun is basically a Tier 6 OI cannon when using normal HE. Wondering what type of damage #s you are all getting with the premium HE rounds... This youtube video from DezGames shows him rolling about the same (~300 non-pen) with both normal and premium HE, but of course many of these shots were kill shots on low health targets and he was hitting tracks, etc...



So, is there any noticable difference when hitting the sides of vehicles (not the tracks) with that extra 100mm penetration? What effect does the pen have on armor exactly? I just don't see any noticeable difference in this video where he compares the two.



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Righteous_Noob #2 Posted Feb 17 2020 - 19:44


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Don't waste your time if you want to HE derp with the Type5 as it was nerfed into the ground. You'll need the 140mm and run apcr which gives you 290mm of pen. You'll need to hit enemy heavies in their weak spots. The type5 can still contribute but it's no longer the HE derp monster it once was. The kv2 derp does more HE damage than the type 5 does now lol.

Trakks #3 Posted Feb 19 2020 - 10:09

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The Type 5 was nerfed not too long ago and with the HE changes that are coming, derp guns are going to be made obsolete. 

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