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French 10 Arty

...a disappointment

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GRINCH7777 #1 Posted Feb 10 2020 - 04:41


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Been thinking about this topic for a while and here it is:

The French 10 arty- don’t bother chasing it down.  I have over 3500 games in it- 1600+ damage average per game versus less than 300 per game taken and a 40%+ hit rate.  I had it before WG [edited] us for the 2nd and 3rd arty nerfs which reduced the clip from 4 to 3 and reduced damage per shot - the French 10 could make a major contribution to the outcome before then.....  Now the French 10 will bounce shots off several of the heavily armored tier X heavies and some of the 9s for zero damage and no crit- not even a stun....even when a scout does a great spot and you get a direct flank hit on a moving target- either no damage of sh&& damage....when you do finally get a hit its rare to get anywhere near max damage ....average hits are for less than 300.  The 10 second reload between shots in the clip make it difficult to make a good follow-on shot unless you have tracked the target but even then most of them can repair and move before your gun reloads.......and the 47 second reload time is just awful.

Its very nimble and you can change firing positions quickly and if you watch the map carefully you might even be able to run from a light or fast medium but that doesn’t compensate for the limited damage you can do...in TD mode the French 10 is a total loser until you know how to do a nose-dive to depress the gun just before firing or you position it to get the gun leveled-out with its [edited]raised....it just cannot defend itself.  In the cities the flat trajectory of the French 10 will also make the fighting difficult and you have to master the few places where you can fire and make hits. 

The French 8 is good for Frontline and the faster firing of the 9 is excellent but the French 10 is a disappointment to play and I know how to play it well......don’t’ bother with it.

Goat_Rodeo #2 Posted Feb 10 2020 - 04:49


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Yeah, the horse has kinda left the barn for me there. I have the tier 9 fully researched and it’s in no way impressive compared to the tier 9 US and British arty. I actually prefer the tier 8 French over the 9. 

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