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Shell Rework Thoughts

Shell Rework Maus discussion

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SupertankerBeast #1 Posted Feb 11 2020 - 01:18


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Overall, I expect the upcoming shell rework to be a positive change for the game. Here's why:


In my opinion, I think this rework will lead to a more diverse meta, rather than the usual spamming of gold that occurs quite often at tier 10. No this is not a tinfoil hatted comment, nor a whining, [edited], complaining one, but gold spam at t10 is simply the way it is. I do it, you do it, we all do it. Rewarding players with a higher alpha roll while shooting standard rounds will change this gold spam meta, in my opinion. I think it will have the biggest impact on heavy tanks, quite often as soon as players start to shoot at heavily armored targets gold is the default ammunition. Obviously, this possible change will benefit heavy tanks because if the opposing player does decide to shoot all gold, they can expect a DPM decrease of 20%, but if they do decide to shoot standard for the higher alpha, they will have a tougher time penning the heavy. This will reward angling and more thoughtful play for the heavy tank player, along with more positive trades. 


Another class of tanks that I foresee largely benefiting from this change are TDs, specifically the more heavily armored ones, such as the E3/4, Jgpze100, and WZ. These heavily armored TDs already have the armor to bounce almost all non-TD standard rounds if played correctly. Typically, once you run into one of these tanks gold is loaded, but if you are hitting them for 20% less than normal, just for them to hit you back with their high penetration standard rounds, you will get out-traded every single time. 


To be perfectly honest, I cant see the shell rework change having a huge effect on medium or light tanks, as they are trading/fighting head on a lot less than heavies and heavy TDs. 


The one tank I forsee benefiting the most from this change is the Maus. When angeled perfectly, the Maus becomes practically impenetrable to any standard rounds, excluding a few of the higher pen TDs. 


Not too sure what I think of the HE shells yet. I would recommend watching RagingRaptors recent video. He shares some thoughtful insight that I agreed with for the most part. IMO the HE shells seem too random, too unpredictable to be "used for finishing off low health targets."


Another thought I had was the impact on the marks of excellence system in place. If I missed something in the article regarding the MoE system please let me know, but it seems to me like once/if this shell rework is implemented it will be a huge race to mark your tanks, as hitpoint pools are larger and alpha is higher. Will they increase the MoE requirements for each tank by 20%?


Everything included in this thread was just my own thoughts, if your opinion differs from mine or if you would like to give your own 2cents, please do. I want a discussion type post. Also, I would love to hear arty players thoughts on the potential rework, as I play arty for missions exclusively and avoid them like the plague.


Thank you for reading, have a great day:)

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Riphawk67 #2 Posted Feb 11 2020 - 01:48

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A hull down 430U or IS7 are going to be even more impossible to dig out now. 

Naelbis #3 Posted Feb 11 2020 - 01:58


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View PostRiphawk67, on Feb 10 2020 - 18:48, said:

A hull down 430U or IS7 are going to be even more impossible to dig out now. 

Can still dig them out with high caliber HE..just will take longer. 

4P1 #4 Posted May 18 2020 - 12:35


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I still say the best answer to the premium ammo issue is to limit the number of premiums rds a tank can carry into battle (10 percent of ammo capacity would be a good start).

13Jake55 #5 Posted May 18 2020 - 12:56


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View Post4P1, on May 18 2020 - 12:35, said:

I still say the best answer to the premium ammo issue is to limit the number of premiums rds a tank can carry into battle (10 percent of ammo capacity would be a good start).

This is the ideal answer to the dilema. Although I would go further and make it 7 %  of the total ammo rack or a maximum of 4 rounds.  This would probably force tankers to load standard ammo initially and then switch depending on what they face. One of residual effects of limiting premium rounds would be longer battles and make noobs learn weakspots.

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Tuturuuu #6 Posted May 18 2020 - 18:33

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I think the premium shell balance was perfect. HE (including premium HESH) should be left as is in the live server. The only notable exception being the higher tier wheeled LTs, which already have the deck stacked for them.

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