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M60, 121B or wait for better option?

m60 121b bond store bonds

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Its_Pierre #1 Posted Feb 18 2020 - 06:46


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I have 21k bonds and was thinking to buy some t10 from the bond store. How are those tanks? 

I don't play russian or chinese mediums a lot and don´t have anything higher than T8 In those branches, so any advice on 121b would be nice to hear.

Does M60 feels anything like TL-1 LPC (The Offspring tank) at T8?

Wolffe_Commander #2 Posted Feb 18 2020 - 08:40


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I played alot of the T343, and just got the 121b, mainly because it just looks hella sexy with the rounded turret. Anyways, the turret is pretty solid if you move around against T9and below guns and some T10 regular rounds. Prem rounds are going to go through. Gun is not as snap-shotty as M60, from what I heard, but Im used to slower aiming guns anyways. For me, I prefer some more armor than mobility, which M60 sports. Thats my playstyle. Thats my take

cloudwalkr #3 Posted Feb 18 2020 - 09:06


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they are alright.  Neither one are amazing but neither one are horrible either.  If you have the bonds and really don't want anything else then pick whichever one you like more.


Some would argue that the tech tree M48 is better than the M60 with its recent buffs so that might help make up your decision.

Tilith #4 Posted Feb 18 2020 - 12:24

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The m60 is a worse leopard pretty much

the 121b however is really fun, I had 3 different 7k games in an hour playing it.

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