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C_C_G is looking for Competitive Dedicated Members

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Blo0dWolF #1 Posted Feb 18 2020 - 13:41


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[C_C_G] Carpe Cervisiam Gaming

Seize the Beer!!!

[C_C_T] Crape Cervisiam Gaming

Still Seizing the Beer!!!!



Discord: https://discord.gg/mpXyFa2

C_C_G Clan portal URL: https://na.wargaming.net/clans/wot/1000052705/

C_C_T Clan portal URL: https://na.wargaming.net/clans/wot/1000056371/


About Carpe Cervisiam Gaming:

- We are a competitive World of Tanks clan that regularly does tier 6, 8 strongholds every Thursday/Saturday night and T10 advances and we also do tournaments. We are looking forward to participating in the up and coming clan wars. In this clan we laugh, we have fun and we are dedicated to helping and mentoring newer members to be the best players they can be. This is an established dedicated world of tanks clan looking for new members to join.



We are an adult clan and you must be 18+ to join, you must be active and participate in Strongholds, Clan Wars and willing to platoon with clan members. You must be willing to use discord and have a Microphone/headset to be able to communicate, Non-toxicity is appreciated as well.



- Must have a T10 tank

- Participation in platooning and strongholds is a must.

- 1000 + battles

- WN8 is not a concern



- Participation in platooning and strongholds is a must.

- 1000 + battles

- WN8 is not a concern

-C_C_T is focused on the development and mentoring of players who do not have Tier 10 tanks yet.



-We use Discord for communication during a battle and to keep up with the team chat board. If you are not familiar with Discord, we will help you get started.

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