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Why all the lag?

lag slow

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tod914 #21 Posted Mar 23 2020 - 18:59


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Multiple disconnects on both servers today.

CloudHavoc #22 Posted Mar 27 2020 - 01:46


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The lag issue only arises for me whenever server population passes 20k players online at once. I dont have great internet to begin with, but with less players online, I have steady internet and a grand ol time playing. with everyone staying at home and playing nonstop throughout the day, the times when i experience lag changed from hot times to all the time, and that is really pissing me off because of wargamings choice to make ranked only during hottimes. I want to progress in ranked, but even if im winning im doing poorly, and it doesnt even feel like lag, it feels like desync, where the shots dont go where i aim, my turret twitches when i try to snap, and enemy and ally tanks alike rubberband ever so briefly enough to make any kind of calculated shot impossible. the only time i can reliably shoot an enemy is when they are sitting still and even then my shot fires a second or two after i click if it just so happens to be during a conveniently placed desync moment, which is every 3-5 sec. EBR was godlike before, being untrackable, but now i cant bother to aim at them, because they twitch all over the map like glitch from wreckitralph. Please make a upgrade to your servers or remove the ceasefire times from ranked.

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