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Progetto M40 Mod 65 On Track

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DomoSapien #1 Posted Feb 21 2020 - 20:01

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Hah, you thought the On Track was gonna be the AMX 50B, didn't you!?

Not gonna lie, me too. 



On Track events are being shuffled around a bit to bring us on the same cadence as EU's "Top of the Tree" events; moving forward our On Track events will be occurring within the same timeframe and highlighting the same vehicle.


As a result, we did have to compromise with the fine folks in EU and agreed to do another Progetto spotlight. If you don't have this monster of an autoreloading medium tank (the lamborghini of tanks - just look at that aggressive styling on the hull angles!) maybe you should take the hint and work on getting one: Now's the time!

Jokes aside, apologies to anyone who made preparations to grind out the 50B this month. If there's any silver lining I'd say it's that the Progetto really is a crazy fun tank to play. The autoreloader, combined with the mobility that this tank offers really makes it a pretty unique tank to play - it's one of my most consistent tanks for Ranked Battles.


For all the details, click on the Lamborghini of Tanks below to head over to the news portal


For Progetto bundle offers, check out this article

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PTwr #2 Posted Feb 21 2020 - 20:10


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Ah. So there is a reason. 

MacDaddyMatty #3 Posted Feb 21 2020 - 20:56


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If I get the tier 8 I'll be happy.

FrontenacDuVandoo #4 Posted Feb 21 2020 - 21:05


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Is there an internal competition to see which On Track thread is going to be the most popular, or you just missed Krzy's thread? :popcorn:


My vote goes to you Domo: explanation in the OP and animated gif win the day.


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Vorchalkin #5 Posted Feb 22 2020 - 03:18


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Thank you for the explanation. I would like to request that On-Track announcements also include which tank tree will come next for those of us who pre-grind.

Volcanic_lobster_220 #6 Posted Feb 23 2020 - 00:28


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Ah ok, thanks for the explanation Domo, even though if lining things up with EU is WG's intention that makes no sense, what's next, will we actually get the same discounts as they do finally?...i wish

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