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You Ask, We Reply - Bulletin 3 - Answers

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rinying #21 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 04:01


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View PostKod111, on Sep 28 2011 - 03:19, said:

no because they you will constantly fight the same tanks over and over again... really boring
hmm....interesting argument but, how many tanks will be added between french british japanese chinese rest of europe etc. ..... thats my opinion though so  :Smile-izmena:

lucky1 #22 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 05:19


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On your official website F.A.Q. It says under the question will machine guns be used it say infantry will be added later on... Can you plz gives us an eta?    Btw here is a link the question is a little further down.       http://game.worldoft....com/faq-page/2:Smile_honoring::Smile_great:

manarin #23 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 05:23


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If we are trying to make the gameplay 'realistic', can anything be done about tanks that can miraculously go right to edges of the cliffs and shoot below without falling right off. I believe you let them fall off and damage themselves in the process or you stop them from doing that altogether.

1858remington #24 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 06:03

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Dev's, you guys are doing a great job.  I love the way you keep the community informed and up to date on the goings on with this game.   :)

Drakenred #25 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 06:08


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on the infantry question, offhand I would say not anytime soon.

spydogg21 #26 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 07:05


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Here's a good question for ya. When is World of Tanks coming out to bestbuy.com and bestbuy store in the US? its been 3 weeks now and i want to buy the retail pack but the game has not come out on the site and the store's that i have called never even heard of the game so when is it coming to bestbuy like the post said it would?

banesbreath #27 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 07:12


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View Postpooky, on Sep 28 2011 - 03:17, said:

lol, you don't need a new department to fix the matchmaker it's actually really easy. Just narrow the tier spread to +1/-1, TD and SPG are valued at +1 their actual tier. Limit max of 2 SPG per game. Done.

That said, any improvements will be greatly appreciated in that respect.

if you are in a tank that can not hurt a higher tier tank why are you shooting at it instead of spotting and getting exp for letting someone else get the kill on it!  ever heard of scouting and teamwork? as for limiting the spg's to 2 that is going to make it really hard to get the achivement of killing 5 arty on one map, plus a team of good light scouts and arty can wipe out a team of mediums easily.

Panzerschiffer #28 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 07:30

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View PostGeneralDirection, on Sep 28 2011 - 01:07, said:

6. Are you going to make the in-game chassis of the Tiger (P) and Ferdinand the same size, since it was historically the same chassis?

·        The chassis on both tanks are currently the same size.

As the picture here clearly shows, the chassis are not the same size:


Str8poopin #29 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 07:31


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Why does my Chaffey keep bring me into battles with tier 9 and 10 tanks. This happens about 3 out of four games. The same thing happens with the M5 Stuart as well. Please explain how tier 4 and 5 light tank keeps getting drug into such large battles. Do you plan on getting this fixed or will it remain normally SOP.

bulldog1986 #30 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 07:36

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TheDevil74 #31 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 07:47


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7. Any plan on adding Tier X mediums or TDs?

· This question is currently under discussion. In any case, we will introduce previously announced tanks first. You can find them here in the Full Tech Trees: http://game.worldoft...rt/+tank_trees/
So your saying theres a chance....

Splattimus #32 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 07:59

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Is there, somewhere, a complete list of shortcut messages. Like "Afirmative", "Advance", "Back to base", and If they don't exsist, could "arty watching here" and "fire support required here" be added?

Khagan #33 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 08:14

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In the preliminary patch 7.0 notes on Overlords blog it states "Tanks To be specified (no French tanks!)." This leads me to believe that either the new german or russian td lines will released or both. As well as the Panzer IV Hydro. If this is not the case then both TD lines may not reach their deadline of Q4 2011 if 7.0 comes out in November, which then assumes that 7.1 and French Tanks are then released in December. This then begs the question "Will both TD lines and the Panzer IV Hydro be released alongside the French?"

miles1991 #34 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 09:35

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I see a lot of people dissatisfied with Jagdtiger (and stats confirmed its worst Tier 9 TD).
Are there any plans for buffing it?

CAMN #35 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 09:44


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View PostSplattimus, on Sep 28 2011 - 07:59, said:

Is there, somewhere, a complete list of shortcut messages. Like "Afirmative", "Advance", "Back to base", and If they don't exsist, could "arty watching here" and "fire support required here" be added?

Hit F1 in the game and you'll see all the F# calls.


saranw71 #36 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 09:46


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Why does releasing French tanks have higher priority than fixing the already in-game unfinished American tree?

White_wolf #37 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 10:30


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View PostKod111, on Sep 28 2011 - 02:59, said:

how will that work? its like already deathmatch

1st.how will the M3 lee actually be good even with the 2nd gun... i dont think it will pen anything in its tier... (HE?)

2nd. what is wrong with th CWs map? its all blue and have the same clan symbol...Attachmentahh drrrr.PNG

there is nothing wrong with the clan wars map. Its a Show of force By NASA


Roachy #38 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 11:20


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Despite my attempts to get some form of answer in the "You ask we reply" I have yet to see any answer to these questions.
I know for a fact that the number of people wanting answers to these questions is growing and it would be good to get some form of resolution to these matters.

Question 1;

Will you ever get rid of OR limit the use of gold ammunition? I have always had a premium account and I use gold to convert experience constantly but I do not believe that gold ammo serves any useful or good purpose in this game at all.

Some reasons to remove it follow (i'm sure there are many I have missed);

  • It causes major imbalances in clan wars between the rich and the poor clans. A newly established clan without massive gold resources cannot compete with an established gold ammo using clan.
  • Gold ammo use causes frustration and much conflict in because most players would prefer to test their skill in battle against the skill other players in a fair and balanced arena. Gold ammo removes the ability to fairly test your skills against other players if they are using gold ammo and you are not. Many players who use gold ammo in battles will also deny that they are using it and this causes even more arguments and frustration for the players who simply want to play a FAIR game.
  • I do realise that you have gold ammunition in the game simply as another means to make more money but PLEASE understand, introducing a means to make more money that unfairly affects the balance of the game is a really bad idea. PLEASE remove the gold ammunition, I'm sure you will find that people will continue to spend gold in large quantities on credits and experience anyway. In the meantime you could invent another way to make more money that DOESNT involve unbalancing the game and taking away the very meaning of having playing skill.
One simple suggestion would be a checkbox in the settings. "Do you wish to participate in battles using Gold or Normal ammunition?? GOLD [ ]  NORMAL [ ] BOTH [ ].   A player choosing a NORMAL ammunition game would then be UNABLE to use gold ammunition at all in any battle they enter into. This solution would enable you to still make money by selling gold ammo but would also enable the players who want to test their skills without "cheat" ammo a fair a way to do it.

Question 2;

Why do you give gold as a reward in Clan Wars instead of normal credits??

  • Gold rewards encourage hacking attempts on this game because to a hacker, gold = real money.
  • Gold rewards are unfair to the players who pay for premium accounts but do not wish to play in clan wars or are unable to do so.
  • Many clans have amassed enormous amounts of gold and will never have to pay for their premium accounts, experience and gold conversions etc.. This is EXTREMELY unfair to the players who pay for premium and do not play in clan wars. Why should the players who pay for their gold be unfairly discriminated against simply because they do not wish to play in clan wars.
  • Clan wars should be about clans testing their skills against one another in fair battles and NOT about whoever can hold the most territories gets to play for free, have unlimited resources and can use "cheat" gold ammo to maintain an unfair advantage.
  • Gold rewards make the problems with gold ammunition use in the game even worse. Most players who are paying for their premium accounts and gold / xp conversions cannot afford to buy the gold ammo as well. Clan wars participants that hold large gold stockpiles are not only getting their premium accounts and conversions for free, they are also getting unbalanced "cheat" ammunition for free.
  • By giving gold rewards in clan wars you are truly discriminating against all non-clan wars players that pay money towards this game. Clan wars players should have to pay for their gold like everyone else does. It is ridiculous to give away gold to a percentage of the population while the rest of the paying population gets none. Please think about this and make a sensible change to the clan wars reward systems.

I look forwards to reading your answers and explanation to these topics. I have never been able to get a reply to these questions from the forums before...hopefully we WILL get one now!


KenpachiAUS #39 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 12:18


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Bigger question about the clans and what not, with the game being a worldwide game and myself obviously being from australia, will there be any chance to pick the time of the CW? because main siege time is around 11am our morning and most of our clan members are at work.. So please answer my question it would help significantly if we know if something is coming to fix this whether it be a more localized server time or is it being left be.

Tanitha #40 Posted Sep 28 2011 - 12:36


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Hello Guys / Gals.

Just to clarify what is happening here, now..
The format for the "you ask, we reply" was changed this week. This thread is here for you to discuss the questions and answers that was posted into the opening post. It is NOT a thread for the posting of new questions.

With the development team answering questions, we have swapped to a format of weekly questions/answers on a specific topic. This is so a large amount of questions from the player base can then be directed to the development team's specialist in that specific area. We believe this will enable us to get you better and more thorough answers to your questions.

The topic for this week, is clans and clanwars.
And you may ask any questions you need answered on those topics in this thread.

On Friday that thread will be closed and the questions will be sent off to the development team, and then on Monday the answers should be back to provide to you. Tuesday we will then open up a new questions/answers thread for another new hot topic.

So please, do not flood this thread with new questions, that isn't the purpose of this thread.
If you have a question you need to ask developers that is on a different topic to the one being covered this week (Clans). You can try Overlords thread here.
In that thread on the opening posts, is 1000's of questions answered by the development team. If you have a browse through there, there's a very good change your question could already be covered.


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