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Special Camouflage


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Nelyus #1 Posted Mar 14 2020 - 19:47


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I really appreciate the new 3D styles added to the game, more & more.

However, I lost almost all my special Camouflage earned from clan wars to those 3D styles.

Camouflage such as Marshy, Clan Winter & Clan Digital,


Is it possible to make it so we can un-apply it? please? Then re-apply it to an other tank?

Currently, I lost all my special Camouflage to 3D styles but 2 sets, one of which is Obj277... (Soon gets 3D style too!)


Thank you for your time & consideration into this matter. 

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MountainLion1 #2 Posted Mar 14 2020 - 20:58


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i sent a message to Cabbage-mechanic a couple of months ago about this very issue. He said he would pass the info up the chain and see if they can get it changed so that we can use the old Clan Wars comos on other tanks since there are so many Tier X 3D styles now. Hopefully they will change it in the future. 

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