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Wz-111-1G FT keep or move up a tier. Help

Tank destroyer credits

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Poll: Wz-111-1G FT keep or move up a tier. Help (16 members have cast votes)

You have to complete 100 battle in order to participate this poll.

Wz-111-1G FT or go up to tier 9?

  1. Get the tier 9 and sell the Wz-111-1G FT (8 votes [50.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 50.00%

  2. Get the tier 9, but keep the Wz-111-1G FT (5 votes [31.25%])

    Percentage of vote: 31.25%

  3. Keep the Wz-111-1G FT, screw the tier 9 and 10, they suck. (3 votes [18.75%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.75%

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Loli_Mimi #1 Posted Mar 20 2020 - 06:39


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I'm having a dilemma with the Chinese td line, I have to choose whether to keep the tier 8 Wz-111-1G FT and move up a tier, stay at the tier 8, or sell the tank and move up to tier 9. 

As for those of you who don't think any of the chinese td line is worth it, I consider this line to be the only line providing a mix of high alpha, the highest pen per tier, decent mobility (compared to america), amazing gun traverse limits (12, yes I freaking love this so much), enough armor to bounce some equal tier tanks, no [edited]gun depression, and amazing reverse speed.


I'd love to hear your own opinions on the topic itself without considering my own feelings, but if a decision is being made based on my feelings then the following applies.


The issue becomes complicated when keeping in mind the following factors:


-I'm a free-to-play player, i get premium time and gold from tournaments and events, but I refuse to spend any gold and building up free exp can take a month at most


tier 8 factors:

-I love the tier 8, it plays so well as an assault heavy or support heavy tank; it has great accuracy, amazing 340 HEAT and 271 standard pen, and is a great bully.

-I have more credit earning potential with the tier 8, i can spam some gold and still earn a profit.

-people don't seem to play well against the tier 8 and they don't seem to be afraid of the alpha until it hits, as the tank doesn't seem very popular in the mm.

-I can also use the tier 8 for frontline, while i cant for the tier 9.


Tier 9 factors:

-from what i've seen the tier 9 is more of the bullying playstyle, with the same gun traverse limits, more pen of 395 HEAT and 290 standard, with better mm potential.

-Better armor and more health to work with, 1800 vs 1000.

-the tier 9 has a lot worse credit earning potential, spamming some heat will guarantee a credit loss, coupled with the difficulty of keeping a profit at tier 9 in general.

-the tier 9 has horrendous gun handling compared to the tier 8, 0.4 stock on the big gun, and the credit and exp investment for the tank is gonna take some time

-tier 9 has access to the godly HE of 1100 with 90 pen.

-I'm interested in going up to tier 9 and 10, since I want more of that heavy assault tank playstyle, it feels better than the americans because the gun traverse limits of 12 makes a world of difference compared to 8.

-getting tier 9 paves the way for tier 10

-Getting a new crew is gonna suck, especially without a crew trainer.


Christojojo #2 Posted Mar 20 2020 - 08:50


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Why do you "HAVE TO SELL" it? Keep every tank. Contests race to tier ten events, Battle Pass, Frontline and other things may make it worthwhile. I never understood selling a tank for half price too but it again later for full price.

I would suggest to you if you enjoy playing a tank it is worth keeping


I_QQ_4_U #3 Posted Mar 20 2020 - 08:54


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Pretty simple, if you like it keep it, if you don't sell it though I wouldn't do it this weekend.

SquiggyMcPew #4 Posted Mar 20 2020 - 09:09


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Easy. Sell it to help buy the tier 9 then get the tier 8 premium td as its really good for a casemate.

BurglarOfBanff_ff #5 Posted Mar 20 2020 - 13:34


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I like the tier 9 much better.  Armor works more often and that big gun is great.  The prem pen is fantasic.  As said above, if you like the tier 8, get the prem.

RBSPWAW #6 Posted Mar 20 2020 - 13:35


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I really like my Tier IX. That gun is awesome and it feels more accurate than the stats would indicate. Plus, that HE is fun when you just want to smack a hull down heavy in the face for some decent dmg. I like it way better than the Tier VIII.

BrianTheBomber #7 Posted Mar 20 2020 - 19:17

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View PostChristojojo, on Mar 20 2020 - 08:50, said:

Why do you "HAVE TO SELL" it? Keep every tank. Contests race to tier ten events, Battle Pass, Frontline and other things may make it worthwhile. I never understood selling a tank for half price too but it again later for full price.

I would suggest to you if you enjoy playing a tank it is worth keeping


This, Perfect time to start a new crew with the Discount in crew training/retraining/ OMG Crew Specialization going on.

Karmadharma #8 Posted Mar 20 2020 - 21:08

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I'm where you are, just got my Chinese IX TD fixed up with the big derp 152mm gun and it is sweet. Bounces a lot of same or lower tier hits but of course does not stand up well to X's for long. It suits my play style, but is expensive to run. So I keep my premium VIII's going to grind out credits so I can afford this IX along with my other IX TD's that I love like the Soviet, German, UK and US ones. I kept the VIII Chinese TD because it too is fun and can actually generate a bit of coin when games go well.

Prediator #9 Posted Mar 21 2020 - 03:32


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the tier 9 is so much better than the tier 8... good upper hull armour and insanely good ammo choices.

gmotoman #10 Posted Mar 21 2020 - 05:40


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Sold mine drove me batty.  I felt no point in continuing.  In fact I'd vote go back and get the tier 7.

Gothraul #11 Posted Mar 21 2020 - 19:11


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Tier for tier the 9 and the premium 8 are so much better, the tier 9 can actually block damage while the tier 8 is just a sponge soaking up whatever hits taking damage the majority of the time.

Drunkenparrot #12 Posted Mar 22 2020 - 03:34

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I am halfway through the grind with the tier IX WZ-111G-FT and agree that it’s much more competitive than the tier IIIX tech tree WZ-111-1G FT tier for tier.


The armor is good enough and it has enough of an hp pool to bully other tanks when it’s top tier. It will bounce some tierX stuff but for the most part you are going to get penned.


The standard AP round is solid at 290 however the insane HEAT pen of 390 guarantees even Object 279e’s have to take you seriously.

The 90 pen 1000 alpha HE is a hoot,  guaranteed broken modules and dead crew in hull down heavies and 1 shot lights ( I knocked an Indian Panzer from full health to 13 hp with a frontal shot from across the map last week)


A good crew as well as food makes a lot of difference. Cammo, repairs and BIA are equally important and clutch breaking along with off road driving make a noticeable difference.


I started the line with a 20 game rental of the tier VIII premium WZ-120-1G FT and liked it so well I started grinding the line. I put a holiday commander in with the 100% crew that came with the premium, used a few credit boosters and a couple of the free XP books and after about 300 games they are on 4th skill.

I supplement the driver with the clutch breaking directive, with BIA, smooth ride and food it’s just enough to keep most mediums from being able to circle you. 

I don’t carry an extinguisher and have had 1 fire from an autoloader getting behind me.


It is an awkward looking beast, I dressed mine up in the 2d biohazard skin we got for last Halloween and have taken to affectionately calling it “the Pig” to my wife.


All in all I would rate it 7/10, would recommend to a friend or relative ( albeit one that liked playing slow casement tanks )



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