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The KV-2 is Getting a Massive Buff That Nobody Saw Coming

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Systemrename190 #1 Posted Mar 23 2020 - 19:12


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     So when I say the KV-2 is getting a massive buff I am exaggerating a whole lot. But when the New Balance HE shell changes were talked about, people panicked about how it would affect our beloved KV-2. Not only is the KV-2 exempt from these HE shell changes, but it's also getting buffed! Now allow me to explain exactly how it's getting buffed. The KV-2 currently leads to the S-51. So the KV-2 and the S-51 currently act as two tanks that link the artillery and heavy tank lines. Now here's where it gets interesting...  The New Balance update will have the S-51 not only lose that linking status, but it's also going to replace the SU-14-1 as a permanent fixture and a researchable vehicle. The S-51 is the only vehicle you can research at the moment through the KV-2, however, after New Balance, researching the S-51 via the KV-2 will no longer be possible.


     Now obviously the KV-2 is not getting removed or I would not be saying it's getting buffed. After New Balance, the KV-2 will lead to the SU-152. So if you combine New Balance with the present tech tree, the KV-1 is sitting on the crossroads of four heavy tank lines, one SPG line, and a tank destroyer line. Now the heavy tank lines aren't going anywhere, don't panic to get the KV-1 just yet. However, the KV-2 is making quite a huge move, it is migrating from an SPG line to a tank destroyer line. The best thing to do is to get the KV-2 and the S-51 right now and keep them both. Then when New Balance is implemented, you will have access directly to the tank destroyers. This how they are buffing the KV-2, it is so damn subtle but so damn useful!


     Grinding through those lines separately right now would take you through ten tanks through the artillery line up, plus another nine tanks through the Tank Destroyer line up, for 19 tanks in total. After New Balance, it would be ten tanks through the artillery line up, plus another five tanks through the tank destroyers for a total of 15, improvement by four. But with my strategy, it would take you ten tanks through the artillery, plus only four through the tank destroyers, for 14 in total. So to recap, grinding currently would take 19 tanks, after New Balance, it would take 15, and my strategy only takes 14. You would be getting the Obj. 268 and 261 way easier that way. It's a way of getting two entirely separate branches, but in a way that doesn't see them separate until tier six! It is almost like cheating! Unfortunately though, if you want to retain elite status and continue building up that OP crew that is not going anywhere, you will have to research the SU-152, which is annoying if you didn't care for it. Guess you will have to grind the KV-2, sounds boring you will just hate that won't you?

tanopasman62 #2 Posted Mar 23 2020 - 19:20


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The change makes sense when you consider that the SU was meant to take the KV-2's role.

Volcanic_lobster_220 #3 Posted Mar 24 2020 - 00:19


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I think being able to skip the Tier 2-6 Russian TD's is a really nice convenience, not a "huge buff", i do like the thought of being able to get the SU-152 through the KV-2 :) it'll be a fine addition to my TD collection.

Burhead06 #4 Posted Mar 24 2020 - 01:41


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i dont really consider anything tech tree related being a buff to the tank , it will function in battle the same way as it had before as they scrapped the ammo rework changes, at least for now.

but yes it will be very convenient for people being able to skip a number of tanks.

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