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Is the In-Game Comparison Tool Bugged

compare comparison tool

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Hans_von_Twitchy #1 Posted Mar 26 2020 - 06:03


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I rarely use the in-game comparison tool because it doesn't show gun bloom (making gun comparisons mostly pointless), and it doesn't show terrain resistances (making mobility comparisons mostly useless). I do use it to compare Survivability, Concealment, and Spotting... at least until I noticed the following:


I was comparing the Object 907 to the Object 430U. Both are configured with 100% crews, no extra skills, no equipment (rammers, etc.). Just plain vanilla comparison. See the attached image.




The 907 Survivability rating is 566, compared with 430U's rating of 551. I.e., 907 > 430U

Yet ...

1) Both have the same 2,000 Hit Points

2) 907 has +10mm on Hull Side armor

3) 430U has +50mm on Hull Front, +72mm on Turret Front, +15mm on Turret Side, + 19mm on Turret Rear.

(These are the only 3 rows that are considered for the Survivability rating.)


So why on Earth does WG give the 907 the higher Survivability rating? Surely WG doesn't think Hull Side armor is soooo important that it heavily biases the 907? If any armor locations are going to get "Importance Bonuses" for Survivability, I would have thought the Turret Front would be > Hull Front > everywhere else, in which case the 430U should way outscore the 907.


Any ideas?  I'm inclined to believe WG have screwed up because it always does a terrible job of copying 3rd party mods (or in this case, a 3rd party site: tanks.gg).



dagengster #2 Posted Mar 26 2020 - 06:18


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Its not like those rating numbers mean squat anyways.

Regardless, I think the rating is calculated by the game with some formula, not "given".

Christojojo #3 Posted Mar 26 2020 - 14:23


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"Working as intended" /???/

Hans_von_Twitchy #4 Posted Mar 27 2020 - 09:23


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 I submitted my OP as a ticket, asking why the 907's survivability score was higher than the 430U's.


For your amusement, I present the answer I got from WG Support...




We apologize for the long wait.


There is no error in the described situation. The firepower indicator includes a number of indicators that are indicated in the game client. In a number of indicators, 430 exceeds 907, but taking into account the totality of all parameters, the survivability of 907 is somewhat higher.


All vehicles presented in the game undergoes careful balancing.


At the same time, we would also like to note that each tank has its strengths and weaknesses.


To successfully play on a particular tank, you must use its strengths and try to minimize its shortcomings, as well as use the support of the team.


All changes in the performance characteristics of the technique are based on the analysis and processing of statistical game indicators and only to improve the balance of the game.


If deviations in any parameter of any of the tanks represented in the game are noticed, then their characteristics will be amended accordingly.


You can find out about all the changes in our official resources.


Thank you for contacting us.


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