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Help for low ELO clans looking to improve

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RumRunner151 #1 Posted Mar 26 2020 - 18:29


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Not only do I have individual lessons for your tankers, but I have started adding team lessons. Feel free to use them if you find them helpful. GLHF


Panzerkind #2 Posted Mar 26 2020 - 18:53


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Good content. 

These are really some of the things that set top clans above the rest. When you have a team of players that do all of these things without even thinking, it frees up the caller to focus on the bigger picture of the battle instead of having to micromanage everyone. 


A caller in a good clan can just say to a group of tanks "go here and kill this stuff" and the individual players will figure it out for themselves. 

Casual_Boops #3 Posted Mar 26 2020 - 18:58


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Good info here. This is something that everyone with <50% win rate can learn from.

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