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Screen Resolution and mouse sensitivity

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Jerry_Seinfeld_ #1 Posted Apr 02 2020 - 21:24


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The screen looks more compressed from the top and bottom and at a wider angle than on 1.8. Tanks look "chunky". The overall resolution looks terrible and gives me a headache in 2 minutes even though I'm running the same exact settings on the test client as the normal client. My mouse sensitivity also seems to have gone up to the point its almost uncontrollable even though I'm still running the same mouse sensitivity that I use all the time. When I turn my turret or try to look up/down it seems jumpy.


I don't know if it's just me having this issue but nothing looks the same aside from the normal client and I may very well stop playing the game if it isn't fixed. The fun I have playing this game is not enough to justify playing with a headache.

dagengster #2 Posted Apr 02 2020 - 22:06


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Check your aspect ratio in your video settings. Maybe it got messed up somehow and dont match your monitor anymore.

Cadusus #3 Posted Apr 04 2020 - 16:50


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Mine is doing the same thing. Aspect ration and all video settings confirmed to be the same. Also every thing is "zoomed in" too much, for example the garage. The tank occupies my entire screen, when I should be able to see other items in the garage....


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