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The O-Ho is Actually Unplayable

O-Ho Chinese Heavy Meta Unplayable Buff Armor Sidescraping

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Logan2605 #1 Posted Apr 09 2020 - 22:20


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The O-Ho is the tier 8 in the Chinese Heavy and seems to be the red-headed stepchild of the entire line. From the tier 3 through the tier 7 I can't say there was a tank I didn't enjoy. The O-I isn't as fun as it used to be after some much deserved nerfs, the O-Ni was goofy but entertaining and a rather effective tank after learning how to use its unique armor characteristics effectively.


But the O-Ho? The O-Ho might be the most worthless heavy tank I've ever driven. For starters, 200mm of hull armor sounds like a lot, until you realize that its flatter than the state of Kansas with nearly zero angling or sloping. What this means is that most vehicles in tier have the penetration on standard AP rounds to rip right through it like butter. So angle it, right? Wrong. The size of the thing means that angling it even slightly causes the just as flat and half as thick side armor to become prominently displayed, making for even easier shorts at most angles. Additionally, the tumor turrets at the front mean that both angling and sidescraping are useless. They'll just slap the turret, pen every shot, and be done with it. Not to mention that your turret isn't any thicker or better angled than your hull, so even if you -could- manage to hide the thing behind a rock or a building to hull down, it isn't going to help either. 


So what? Right. A heavy with useless armor isn't all that uncommon. You don't hear the AXM 50 100 drivers complaining about it. Well, the armor is just the first of many problems this vehicle has. Up next is size and speed. The top speed is only 25 km/h and with a power to weight ratio of only 9.8 you're gonna need a hill and a running start to even hit that. Add that to the fact that the O-Ho has the honor of sporting the largest tank profile in the entire game, and you aren't dodging or missing anything either.


So, every shot fired your direction is probably going to hit and probably going to pen. How's the gun? Hah. So on the O-Ho you have two choices, the 149 and the 105. The 149 might as well only fire HE rounds. With one of the worst dispersion ratios in the game for a non artillery piece (.54) and a massive aim time (3.3 seconds) and with gold rounds that only reach 150mm of penetration, HE is the only way the gun is effective. Its basically a worse KV-2 gun at tier 8. 150 to 300 damage every  18 seconds is atrocious at this tier. The 105 is slightly better, with 215 and 254 mm of penetration. But it still has a whopping .42 dispersion and 3.1 second aim time, meaning that you're going to need to load gold because you're just not going to hit those weak points. The 105 does have decent DPS though, but its far outclassed by other in tier heavies.


TL;DR? Armor: Useless. Mobility: Useless. Gun: Useless. 


It needs a buff, and I would buff the armor. Give it the ability to actually tank shots like it should have, and see if the other attributes don't balance it out. 

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Panzerkind #2 Posted Apr 09 2020 - 22:41


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All the Japanese Heavies (Japanese not Chinese btw) are bad. 

It's better than the Type 5 HE spam meta though. WG should do something to make this line playable, but don't bring back the HE round. 

The_Pink_Panther #3 Posted Apr 09 2020 - 22:56


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I have like all but the EXP at Tier V


Christojojo #4 Posted Apr 09 2020 - 23:47


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View PostPanzerkind, on Apr 09 2020 - 16:41, said:

All the Japanese Heavies (Japanese not Chinese btw) are bad. 

It's better than the Type 5 HE spam meta though. WG should do something to make this line playable, but don't bring back the HE round. 


Since those heavies are totally fake anyways why not give it a Warthog gun the GAU-8 Avenger or similar. That would be a blast to watch that tank shoot until it overheats itself and melts the enemy tanks' XP or does a wave of damage to a bunch of bad guys too close together.

Goat_Rodeo #5 Posted Apr 10 2020 - 00:04


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Yeah, sold it the day after the nerfs. It’s just a huge pile of garbage with few if any redeeming qualities. 

WolfRanger #6 Posted Apr 10 2020 - 02:41


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Agree with all mentioned above. Sold it shortly after fully upgrading it. Aside from the bad guns and unreliable armor, I found it extremely irritating with how the gun depression works over the 2 tumor turrets. Sometimes you have to over angle to get the gun down and you just get penned anyways. One of my least favorite tier 8 heavies.

Burhead06 #7 Posted Apr 10 2020 - 05:46

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the main problem especially with the type 4 and 5 ImO is that at almost any angle , theres a flat plate visible to the enemy and most same tier heavies still have like a 60% chance at penning said flat plate with standard rounds , meaning you  are big ol xp pinata like a tog only at tier 9 and 10, and lets not even mention how horrible the ap gun is , 290 gold pen at tier 10 with a big derpy gun?

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