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question on the "WORLD OF TANKS: STARTER PACK"

premium shop gold tanks Bladed

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BladedPheonix #1 Posted Apr 18 2020 - 00:46


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(TLDR in bold below)


So I got a coupon from the Tank rewards and since I saw this bundle I had some questions.


I want to buy the battle pass but I don't really want to just buy $35 for gold and sadly coupons can't be used to purchase gold (which is dumb IMO):sceptic:


Then I noticed that the "Mega Bundles" are covered but, It doesn't say if you get gold for tanks you already have. 


reason I'm asking is because I have roughly half of the tanks in the " WORLD OF TANKS: STARTER PACK" but there are still some tanks i don't have and I would asume the amount of gold I'd get for tanks I already have would be more than enough to cover the 6500 for the battle pass.


But, I remember hearing that WG changed their stance on gold for reward/premium tanks a couple years ago because to many players were getting free gold completing the "On track " missions and getting tier 5 & 6 tanks for rewards. (made about 15k gold from this myself) and I am worried that i'll be getting credits instead of gold for my purchase.



anyways, does anyone know if premium shop tank purchases still give gold if you already have them?



Thanks in advance and I hope you all stay safe & healthy during these trying times.


until next time, 


I'll C';ya on the field! :bush:



I_Vocatus_I #2 Posted Apr 18 2020 - 00:49

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I would assume so?


Unless War Gaming is just that damn greedy lol

Screw_Loose #3 Posted Apr 18 2020 - 01:21


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Exercise some common sense and keep your money in your pocket.  You're feel better in the long run.

Xeraux_TV #4 Posted Apr 18 2020 - 01:29


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TL;DR answer is yes.

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