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General feedback on getting better


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Philaphlous #1 Posted Apr 28 2020 - 14:17

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So I come here to get some feedback on my gameplay and advice on how to get better...by no means would I consider myself to be "bad" at this game...I think my stats are sorta respectable and I can carry sometimes but lately I've become so frustrated and my WN8 shows....


My gameplay consists mostly of sniping, I'm not really good at brawling and I have some tanks where they shine. Lately I've enjoyed the tortoise due to its armor and accuracy. My #1 complaint in the game is RNG and how a tank like the 268 with a .31 depression can be such an inaccurate gun...its so frustrating...  I'll take you through my tanks and my problems:


STB-1: Probably my most frustrating tank. I have a 1638 WN8 currently with an average damage of 1938 and 48% win rate. I tried to play the tank recently and my win rate is about 10%.... I can't snipe with the tank and my shells bounce nearly all the time. I'm picking my targets and choosing to try and hit weakspots of tanks but nothing seems to hit... I tend to lay back with this tank but whenvever I encounter other tanks...even with fair turret armor I'm penned about 95% of the time. I can't figure out how to play the tank...if I'm aggressive, I die right away with dismal dmg...if I stay back and snipe I'd say I hit about 30% of my shots... I can't go against heavies because apparently even firing gold I can't hardly pen a turret of a tank that eats through me like butter. Of all my tanks I'm considering selling this one the most...


OBJ 268: This is my most recent tier X purchase. I love this tank...the armor is very spotty and I have a WN8 of 1708 with 2353 average dmg. My goal is at least 3k dmg per game... I snipe i'd say about 80% of the time with this tank. My shots connect more often and I feel more confident in this tank. I run into issues when I know its a loss and my team starts to get overrun and I cannot reload/refire fast enough to rack up decent damage or I play myself in an open position. I realize I need cover to reload because if I get spotted I'm dead nearly half the time...


IS-4: Lately I hate this tank. 1709 WN8 and 1986dmg. The gun seems too low of pen and the damage is so so. I find the armor to be very weak and even when side scraping with it I get penned easily. I check where I'm getting hit and it seems even with side scraping my side's get penned...with gold of course. I find shooting reg ammo is bad and I can't bring myself to fire gold just because of the weak pen but that's my own issue... I know this tank is a brawler but I can't seem to be on the up side when I brawl... I feel like its a losing tank when I brawl and I definitely can't snipe with this tank...for obvious reasons.


Tortoise: I really enjoy this tank. 1454WN8 1708dmg. and  Going head to head with multiple tanks from a distance I have the upper hand. The gun pen is great and accuracy is amazing. I find I connect most of my shots but I also find myself in situations where I push too much and end of getting hit from the side or flanked... or arty... I'm surprised my WN8 is this low when I feel most confident in this tier 9 tank...What gets me is the games where I nearly have either 0 or just a few pens of damage....


UDES 14-5: 1731WN8 with 1319dmg. I love this tank. It's mobile, its small. The gun does good damage and the accuracy gets by. I can sorta snipe with the tank and with its mobility I can get around the map and reset to connect with my targets. I find if anything going 1-1 vs another tank my reload is what gets the best of me and my turret armor which is weak.... 


Charioteer: By far my favorite tank. 1877WN8. 1451DMG. I love the top gun. Accuracy is amazing, I snipe 99% of the time with this tank. I hide as much as I can. I have the Conway unlocked but I'm considering skipping it to the FV... I've got the FV almost entirely unlocked with blueprints and I really don't feel like grinding out the Conway when it doesn't look like a decent tank compared to the Charioteer. The other piece I didn't mention was the size, the Chariot is small compared to the FV and Conway so it's also harder to hit....


I have some other lower tier tanks... my favorite tier right now is 8 and 6 but I honestly want to get better at tier X..I just feel I get steamrolled so much no matter how hard I play. I'm either too aggressive or I find myself sniping in places where it doesn't contribute enough to stop a steamroll and end of getting overwhelmed...


I also recently upgraded my mouse... its only 2400dpi and its a tad smaller than I'd like...I'm finding issues where its sorta too sensitive...so I'm keeping my DPI high but turning sensitivity down...if that's right... Other than that I'd like to hear what people have to say...

grim_898 #2 Posted Apr 28 2020 - 14:36

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Looks like you in the same shoes I am so take my advise with a grain of salt. However, I think you need to start driving more flexible tanks more often. Sure sniping is fun but dont you want to be on the front lines a little more? May I suggest the obvious for learning to play up close and brawl. The t44, t54, and obj430 are the perfect tanks, plus their not teir 10 so the mm will be much better. Trust me these tanks want to brawl and troll other players, you just have to be willing to give it a shot! Good luck!

kapri25 #3 Posted Apr 28 2020 - 14:40


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Save some of your replays and send them to some of the CC’s who review gameplays. Highly recommend Guido1212. Quite a few other players that will help you out if you just post the replays from WoTReplay here as well. Just keep an open mind. Good luck to ya!

seba____ #4 Posted Apr 28 2020 - 17:31


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I suggest going to twitch and find a streamer you like ( he/she needs to be better than you, this is very important  )  and watch the stream and vods until you learn the general idea of how the current meta works and how to play around the map, teammates and enemies.



jmolvar17 #5 Posted Apr 28 2020 - 18:13


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Here are my tips that have helped me and I am pretty sure they will help you as well:


1. Don't check your stats more than once a week. Don't even check your session stats to see how you do each day. This will just frustrate you and make you play worse. You do not want the influence of your last game (good or bad) to effect your next game.


2. Get out of tier 10 for now, especially if you don't like shooting special ammo much. There are more good players, everyone is hull down, and you will find yourself getting severely punished for minor mistakes. The tiers I recommend are tier 7, 8, and 9. Tier 7 and tier 9 are great tiers to work on improving, and penetration is way less of an issue. Don't feel guilty playing the low tiers at all. Tier 7 is one of the most underrated tiers (and funnest).


3. You need to diversify the classes you play. You actually want to play every class (including arty in my opinion). This will help you with general improvement, but it will teach you how to counter these classes and what they are capable of. For example, if you play a bit of arty, you will understand better how to avoid them.


4. After you die, or if you die early game, don't go to the garage. This will serve two purposes. Firstly it will 'punish' you by preventing you from rushing into the next game. This will help you think about what you did wrong. The second reason to stay in the game is so you can watch your teammates. Pick one teammate or switch between several teammates. Watch what they do, how they do it, and what the enemy does to engage them effectively. Think about these engagements and think about if what they did was smart, or not so smart. Try to understand the game mechanics better as well. There is no need to tell your teammate that they played poor or good, just watch and learn.


5. Never give up. This is extremely important. You could get unlucky or make a mistake early game and lose 95 percent of your hp but you survive. Take a few deep breaths and calm down. For the rest of the game, think about what you can do to best salvage your game. In most cases this would require you to snipe the rest of the game. Usually you will only get 1 or 2 more shots in but this is worth it. Try to stay alive till the end of the game. Be patient!


6. When in doubt, go with your teammates. You seem to be sniping too much. You need to work with your team more. Once your team 'pushes' the enemy, in most cases try to go with them or support them. This will help your win rate a lot.


7. Make your mini map bigger! This will help you see the movement of the enemies and your team better.


8. Turn off any win rate/in game stat modifications. Remember that almost any player, despite their stats can out play you, and you should consider every player equally until you see their in game performance.


9. Focus on winning first and don't be afraid to throw away your tank if it helps your team win. No matter what anyone says, win rate is the most important stat. This is especially true now with HP changes and ammo changes coming which will mess up things like WN8.


10. Have fun out there! Don't make improving your stats a chore.


I hope this helps you out :)

Good luck!

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TastyPastry #6 Posted Apr 28 2020 - 18:33


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Okay let's get this straight. Accuracy doesn't matter in this game. The difference between .31 and .36 base accuracy is nothing. Gun handling matters a lot more, because only when you have bad dispersion values and/or a long aim time do you actually have a significant difference between the probability of missing with one gun and not with another.


Anyway, I think the IS-4 is pretty underrated. It plays slow and has a simple, but reasonably reliable armor profile. Yes, the turret has an overmatch, but if you prop the tank up a few degrees, it's impossible to hit the overmatch. You cannot rush in or rush the game because your DPM is anemic and your alpha sucks, but the gun hits shells pretty easily. 

bravo9er #7 Posted Apr 29 2020 - 01:30

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By far the biggest mistake people make with this game is to sit back and snipe.  You're just subjecting yourself to the whims of RNG the further you're away from the target.  You're lucky to hit the tank, let alone weak spot if you snipe because RNG says "no" more often than "yes". Also you're sharing the XP with whoever is spotting the enemy you're shooting.  You need to break that habit and get into the game, period.

crunchyblack #8 Posted Apr 29 2020 - 15:14

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IMO the best tips for improving (im following and works well when i dont get greedy or too timid)


1.map familiarity, what part of the map matters/doesnt.  where will TD be hiding, what is the team doing

2.tank familiarity, where to shoot, when to run, do i side scrape or hull down?

3. watch youtube, guido is good on game tactics, jingles has some great low tier advice

4.apply what you know


get experience but pay attention to what works and what doesnt, and what other people who are doing well do.


Im not a good player but this is what im doing to improve

Philaphlous #9 Posted Apr 29 2020 - 16:56

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I think my biggest issue is the following:


1. Going at it alone... Typically I end up facing multiple tanks by myself and I push too far and do not have cover and get owned...

2. I get spotted without having a backup plan for cover after being spotted. Whether I'm owning a bush or whatever...once I get spotted, I have a great ability to get owned... I think I need to improve in this area.

3. I might not move enough... Once I get my spot, in a med tank, i need to move around more. 

4. I need to use more gold ammo... I find myself not penning a fair amount of shots even when choosing my pen points...


I put into practice a few of these items as well as reduced my mouse sensitivity...I'm still not comfortable with this mouse so I've got another one on the way that should be here tonight, G203... hopefully that'll help. I'm playing better today, limiting myself to 25 games a day I think will help give myself a break.... Thanks guys!

Philaphlous #10 Posted May 01 2020 - 01:52

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Man a much better day today. I decided to stick with other tankers more often today and it helped greatly. I also think this new mouse is really helping me out. A 3450dpi seems to be the sweet spot. I also seal clubbed lower tiers today, tier 6-8, no tier X and it went much better. Man can I pwn in the P.43...I think its a highly underrated tank. I ended up doing some frontline stuff today and since I only have 2 tier 8 tanks I rebought the AMX 50 100. Looking forward to strategically playing that tank which I believe it requires that since it barely has any camo value...

jdog_g3 #11 Posted May 01 2020 - 02:46


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View Postgrim_898, on Apr 28 2020 - 14:36, said:

Looks like you in the same shoes I am so take my advise with a grain of salt. However, I think you need to start driving more flexible tanks more often. Sure sniping is fun but dont you want to be on the front lines a little more? May I suggest the obvious for learning to play up close and brawl. The t44, t54, and obj430 are the perfect tanks, plus their not teir 10 so the mm will be much better. Trust me these tanks want to brawl and troll other players, you just have to be willing to give it a shot! Good luck!


I have the T-44, and really am not finding a way or reason to like it, I am trying to, just not working out for me.  Always mid or bottom tier it seems, with a gun that it best is blah as far as accuracy.  I played one game in it last night and went 0 for 9.   I never hit another tank, full zoom, fully aimed, and nothing.  I am really hopeful the 430 is better. 



Philaphlous #12 Posted May 07 2020 - 21:02

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So my WN8 isn't really getting better... I'm trying to get better and increase my DPG... I'm playing more tier 8 tanks, specifically the UDES 14 5, Charioteer, and my newest tank to the group, P44 Pantera which I'm having a blast in...


Over 24-7-30 days my WN8 is better than my overall average, however, it doesn't seem like its exceptionally better. My target is 2k dmg for tier 8 but I seem to hover around 1500-1700 range... I definitely need to work the map more... I feel like speedy tanks like the UDES and P44, I'm able to work the maps more but I'm still only around 1500dmg average for these tanks...

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