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T95 equipment setups (need some advices)

T95 Equipments Setup

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Craftspirit #1 Posted May 08 2020 - 06:18


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Hey guys !

I just bought the all mighty doom turtle. And I love it. However it is so unusual for me as a playstyle (yes im a dirty guy who free experienced the whole line lol).


I was then thinking about the equipment setup. My current one is Rammer, GLD and Vents.


However Ive seen Skill4ltu using Rammer, Optics and Toolbox combined with the corresponding directive.


Also I have seen QB using a kind of "spall liner and double repair kits" setup. However one of my super unicum friend "hacker aimboter cheater WINK" Deffendor from YOUJO adviced me that this setup was actually way too risky to play with and therefore not even worth taking into account.


What do you guys could advice me for a setup?



Waylandie #2 Posted May 08 2020 - 07:20

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I use vent, heavy spall liner and tool box.  With my crew all having brother in arms, repair and using the large repair kit I don't stay tracked for long which is important in that thing.

vyle02 #3 Posted May 08 2020 - 07:41

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Vents, Rammer, Optics, GLD isn't to useful as the aimtime is already pretty good, Spall liner isn't bad but the tank already does well vs HE and arty, a little extra doesn't hurt but you'll find the extra view range useful more often in my experience, tool box also not a bad option, just make sure you train repairs on your crew as fast as you can. As far as consumables, repair kit, med kit, and food or auto extinguish your choice, but the tank almost never catches fire so food if you can pay for it. 

InfinityGamer #4 Posted May 08 2020 - 08:19

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Obviously you want a rammer, but for the other two slots it's a bit of a choice. You could go with any combination of vents, optics, spall liner and toolbox. Personally, I found the arty focus unbearable, they love shooting slow tanks, so I went with a spall liner as the second piece of equipment. For my last slot I chose a toolbox, because having a 4 second track repair time (with a full repair crew and large repair kit) is a bit of a meme, ain't nobody got time to slow down! GLD is never really worth it in my opinion except on some autoloaders (since they can't mount a rammer).

PTwr #5 Posted May 08 2020 - 10:30


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View PostCraftspirit, on May 08 2020 - 05:18, said:

Also I have seen QB using a kind of "spall liner and double repair kits" setup. However one of my super unicum friend "hacker aimboter cheater WINK" Deffendor from YOUJO adviced me that this setup was actually way too risky to play with and therefore not even worth taking into account.

Too risky because its built for frontline brawling. It is just variations on theme of baiting shot on track, then using superior repair capability to fix it, snap a shot, and retreat, before enemy reloads.

With T95 mobility, or lack of it to be precise, instead of working a corner you would just roll out straight into enemy faces. With all repair stuff loaded it can fix track in a 2 or 3 seconds so it just keep going. You can do this stuff in tanks like Maus and its family, B2 and other low tier battle cucumbers, Tortoise and its smaller brethren, Japanese battleships, etc. Regardless of tank it requires:

  • good map with a safe corridor, because some frenchie clipping out in your side will break this plan easily
  • team that follows, probably hardest part because you need pubblets that do not hide because another tank bounced a shot
  • enough time to start that push, while battle can be lost or won on another flank before you even see an enemy
  • enemy to actually come to meet you, if you go eg. Mountain Pass ice road and there won't be any enemy you just effectively removed yourself from battle
  • enemy that does not aim, nor spam geld.
  • artillery can ruin your day even more than usually
  • double repair kit means no medkit or fire extinguisher. You can hope that Firefighting will work, but T95 without driver is just a bunker.
  • if you can't perform glacial advance, you are just yet another TD but 20% weaker due to subpar setup.


In short, its "all or nothing" with accent on nothing if you attempt it in solo pub against half competent opponents. I guess if it works it makes good video, but they won't show you failed attempts in between few lucky battles ;]


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Norseskald #6 Posted May 08 2020 - 10:38

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tool box is very helpful with the doom turtle, a lot of people try and track you , and if your repair speed is slow you dead

Craig234 #7 Posted May 08 2020 - 11:01


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I'm not arguing for this, but my setup is rammer (obviously), vents (load even faster!), and net. It's not not to be seen just a little more.

oldewolfe #8 Posted May 08 2020 - 13:43


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Well, since I ground thru the T28 to get to my T95, I used it as a Test Bed for an Equipment Layout....      There I went Optics, Rammer, and Spall Liner if I recall...     But, once I got to the T95 I ran into an Issue, you NEED the Tracks to Mount the 155 that I had already Unlocked with the T30 Grind and there was NO WAY IN HE11 I was doing the Grind for that on the 120 when I had the 155 already....


So, since there was no way I was doing that, I went Suspension, Rammer, and Spall Liner on the T95 just for the 155mm Gun....     However, since it's worked rather Well so far, they've stayed on it too....       It's Slow, but Mythodical, and you're as In the Front as you can be so Visions never been the Issue...

moogleslam #9 Posted May 08 2020 - 13:48


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This was discussed a lot quite recently:  http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/626020-t95-equipment-question/


View Postmoogleslam, on Apr 28 2020 - 10:52, said:

Equipment, okay..... a Rammer is a definite as improving your reload/DPM is always as good as it gets.  Then there's several other pieces of equipment that's arguably worthy of consideration:


  • Toolbox
  • GLD
  • Vents
  • Optics
  • Spall Liner


So lets talk about them.


Toolbox.  A Toolbox is nice, but you should already have maxed Repairs on every crew member, and be carrying two repair kits (no food on T95), and you can also add the repair directive.  In other words, the Toolbox becomes slightly redundant, or at least isn't as valuable as it once was before resuable repair kits and directives.  Better options available for sure, and this is the one piece I would remove from consideration immediately.


At this point, I'll tell you what I ran on mine.  Rammer, Vents, GLD.  But I'll also tell you I might do it differently if I played it again today.


GLD.  The T95 aim time is ok.  Not amazing, but not awful.  The GLD can help, but for a lot of shots, it's value is minimal.  Why?  Because you're a frontline assault TD, remember? .....and often, what you're shooting is right in front of you, so you can snap and still hit those weakspots!  That's not to say that's the only scenario you'll face, but it's frequent, so the GLD almost becomes situational.


Vents.  Not much to say.  Very small improvements to all soft stats, but we like to argue that they add up.  Boosts to reload/DPM, view range aim time, etc perhaps among the most important.  Always useful to some degree, and generally used on assault TD's for lack of better options.


Optics.  So, a lot of us love to say view range wins games.  It's true.  It's true for the entire battle, but we often use that statement when thinking about late game situations.  In my mind, with the T95, it's a bit different.  Going back to my opening sentence, there's nothing worse then seeing a T95 camping the 1 line on Prokorovka.  That's not to say a T95 doesn't have a place on the 1 line, but if a T95 is on the 1 line, (and particularly if there's no scout in E1)  it has to do one thing and one thing only.  That's push W.  The T95 basically needs to be the scout in that situation.  That's how you don't waste the usual ~6 tanks that sit there and do nothing for half the battle.....and yes, I know Prok is often a map of patience, but the T95 is the solution to that.  And again, I'll emphasize that while view range is highly desired, Binocs have no place on a T95 because it should not be sniping and should not be sitting still!  It's optics or nothing.  Optics will bring the view range to 448 meters without Vents, or 457 with (BIA/SA/Recon).  That's how you own situations like the 1 line camp fest that is Prok.  Of course, the argument against Optics is that you're on the frontline, so what you're shooting is right in front of you most of the time, and you don't need any improved view range to see it.  And/or rely on teammates to spot anything else (though that's always an unreliable option, isn't it.)


Spall Liner.  I'm really on the fence about this.  For the most part, you're fitting it for arty.  Is there even arty in every battle?  No.  When there are arty, are they always targeting you?  No.  When there are arty, do they always have line of fire to you?  No.  It's very situational.  For sure, it's a huge help if you are being focused by Arty, but even then, you can often reposition and/or go dark to put a stop to that, and you should so you're not constantly getting farmed by them.  And again, worth mentioning that you're carrying a resuable med kit, and two resuable repair kits.  But I come back to that Prok situation where you push the 1 line, and in some instances, the Optics and Spall Liner combo is boss mode.  The issue is that again, it's some instances; it's not every map and every engagement.


So final answer?  I don't really have one, but I know it doesn't involve a Net, Binocs, or even a Toolbox.  I think a lot comes down to your level of skill & awareness.  I think when I next play this tank, I'll try Rammer, Vents, Optics, and I'm now leaning toward that being optimal, but I'll still give consideration to GLD or Spall Liner.


XGeneralChromeX #10 Posted May 08 2020 - 16:54


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When I had the tank on console, I ran optics, spall liner, and GLD. Admittedly, the meta was much different on console... especially 5 years ago. 

bravo9er #11 Posted May 08 2020 - 18:03

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I think you'll start to figure it out once you start playing it.  It became clear to me that max track repair speed is absolutely critical.  With that in mind, I broke down and got the purple bond tool box which is actually quite a bargain considering it's only 3K bonds and it gives a whooping 40% improvement to repair speed (vs 25% for standard toolbox).  I matched that up with large repair kit and it was the difference between life and death.  Anyway, I ran vents, rammer, purple tool box and large med kit (passive 15% reduction to stun duration), large repair kit (passive 10% improvement to track repair) and food (to help improve repair time).

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