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TheGame_ #61 Posted Jun 15 2020 - 06:50


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View PostRatnikk, on May 12 2020 - 09:49, said:

The light bulb mod is pretty useless since the vanilla version already gives you last known enemy positions, all the rest of the mods shown in this video DO give a big advantage against vanilla users, and these are the legal ones. Some players have much more advanced mods such as the one that showed enemy turret directions on the minimap. Wargaming should ban all mods or apply them to the game so that everyone is equal. Wargaming anti-cheat tech is horrible and obsolete, we can see players have inhuman high skill ratings ingame for months and nothing is done except the little list they release once a year saying they banned some guys. Yeah right.

​do I qualify as "inhuman" to you? Bc I have been playing at this level for the better part of 9 years. 

​Some people, myself included, are very good at this game. I bet if u put as much time into learning as you do complaining, you'd be good at your hobby too

Fawlty_Turrets #62 Posted Jun 15 2020 - 10:53


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2 Key mod.

Woland #63 Posted Jun 15 2020 - 15:40

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View Post_Red_Saaryn_, on Jun 13 2020 - 16:48, said:

Here is a list of things I experienced with it


1 tanks camo looks like if a unicorn puked then ate the puke and live on a diet of colorful puke for years then pooped and that liquid mess was then put into a washing machine along the camo nets. The result are tanks so glitchy and ugly looking that they could be considered virus in my computer


2 we all know the XVM entitlement the " I'm far superior than you so you can go eat (edited) you (edited) (edited) worthless tomato (edited)" when the guy is just 2% better over your overall. We can add the "this game (edited) (edited)! Rigged MM (edited) I'm far too good for this (edited) I quit!" Guys that without even trying just say stuff like previously quoted then either kill themselves or in the worst case they flip arty then kill themselves...


3 not all mods can be enabled or disabled in game. I didn't even select a mod that gave me comic sans fonts with various colors, tank icon and gun mark all of those next to the in game tank name and icon


4 the (edited) modpack unequipped all my damn equipment from all my tanks!!! Over 80 camo nets and binoculars I had to manually put back! 


5 the battle cross air was weird and made it frustrating for me to aim at enemies, the worst part is that I couldn't change nor disable it. Don't get me wrong, the cross air was good but the weird hollow cross made it awkward to aim because I couldn't see if I was aiming at the tank or not due to a lack of physical que 


6 skins bugged out and returned to normal based on my camera. Sniper mode or normal mode each had its own bugs


7 I already knew I installed aslain but the icon was plastered everywhere! The garage, the login screen, the load screen, over the loading/sync texts, next to the battle button/shop/tank comparison/tank hit viewer/mod options damn! WG made the game and they don't have their logo all over the place like aslain has. It is like if they wanted to make it look as if they made the game and not wg! 


Finally, it took 20 minutes to install 1.30gb...



For those reason I uninstalled that modpack. It was a very frustrating experience for me. Imagine playing vanilla and your first modded experience is like this...if wasn't because I'm such a masochist then I would have rage quitted the modding scene... Thank God the solo modpack was simple enough and their ego wasn't that big as to put their logo everywhere so I'm using that modpack instead...for now...XD


1. Never saw that. I have seen a couple tanks that looked like someone ate a box of 64 crayolas and vomited, but people chose those skins. Why, i have no clue. LOL

2. The I'm better than you crowd is not XVM's fault. That's A-holes... they're everywhere.

3. I don't have that font. Did you click to install someone's personal version? I think there are a couple of those in aslains. I previewed each and chose my setup for me.

4. I think it was the update that demounted everything as the same happened to me about a week ago, without changing anything in aslains. There is, however, a mod that will automatically do that so you have to spend less on camo nets and such...kind of like the automatically return crew button.

5-end... It sounds like you accidentally chose to load someone else's preferred pack/mods instead of your own. If you run aslains and click the preview box at the beginning, you can go through everything and change what you want... crosshairs, voices, loaded sounds, etc. I almost never have issues, though 1ce or 2ce I had to reinstall because of that long load in time. But that's 1ce or 2ce in years of use.


Try it again. I never see anything that says Aslains, in the garage or anywhere else.


Good luck. 

Campers_Party #64 Posted Jun 21 2020 - 04:48


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Campers_Party #65 Posted Jun 21 2020 - 04:49


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