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Achievement Awards for killing EBR's

Awards EBR achievement wheel

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Poll: Achievement Awards for killing EBR's (11 members have cast votes)

Should we get Achements for killing EBR's

  1. YES (8 votes [72.73%])

    Percentage of vote: 72.73%

  2. NO (3 votes [27.27%])

    Percentage of vote: 27.27%

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Gepanzerten_Schritt #1 Posted May 16 2020 - 20:51


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If iI can get an Pascucci’s Medal or a Dumitru’s Medal for killing Piggies, I should get one for Killing two or more EBR's!!!!

crushtheirheads #2 Posted May 16 2020 - 20:58


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And extra points for killing one of those damn things with an arty.

Festung #3 Posted May 16 2020 - 21:53

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I was upset by MG-like cannons on low tier tanks because they shred the little armor on low tier tanks, but wheelies REALLY make me steam! If anything will cause me to give up WoT it won't be reducing the effect of gold ammo but increased proliferation of wheelies! What next? Hovertanks! I have seen my team reduced by half as wheelies run back and forth and light up those close to them and then the wheelies rush in to kill the arty, thereby lighting up what's left of my team. Tanks should have machineguns to strafe the buggers. :angry:

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