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Craig234 #1 Posted May 20 2020 - 07:40


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So, experience is based on, damage; blocking, I presume; assisted damage; and relative tier. What else? How are those weighed? (E.g., how does 1 damage count versus 1 blocked?)


Real life example for a question: Rank the K-91 among the following three tanks for how much experience it would get with these results; unfortunately, what they shot isn't specified, but same battle:


Damage: 3299
Blocking: 420
Assist: 2773


kpz 50 t
Damage: 2758
Blocking: 230
Assist: 191


Damage: 4345
Blocking: 0
Assist: 154


Now, the third tank, the arty, presumably got only 50% exp for all or practically all of its damage, while the K-91 got much of its exp as full exp, not splitting it.


Got your answer?


OK, actually the K-91 got third most exp, less than the other two (IIRC two were about 1000, and the arty more than 200 higher).


PTwr #2 Posted May 20 2020 - 09:44


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0. Assisted damage counts as half of what dealer would get. Spotting spotting 10's for 8's will give you more than spotting 10's for 10's.


1. Dealing assisted damage, or from distance of 300m or more. Damage dealt with assistance is not listed in battle results so it can be hard to estimate it.

Going by K-91 nature you probably avoided brawling where bigger tanks can just ram it to death. You might have shot tracked/stunned/spotted enemies.


2. Tier difference is highest positive multiplier.

Example: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4550442#mountain_pass-ptwr-emil_i

I worked flank together with that Conq. We shot same tanks, for Conq it was same or lower tier, for me it was same or higher.

K-91 is tier 10. You do not get bonus for shooting higher tiers, bullying 8's will give you pittly amount of XP.


3. Close Combat Bonus. WG never disclosed how exactly it works, but you tend to get more xp for just being in center of firefight.


4. XP seems to not be linear. For that all I have is my experience, once you break what is expected result for given tank/class/tier xp seems to skyrocket. That 4k in SU-14-2 is a lot, while 3k in tier 10 is at best decent.


5. Blocked hardly counts for anything. It just tend to go along with being on frontline where XP tends to be gained faster.

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FrontenacDuVandoo #3 Posted May 20 2020 - 20:10


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This is the breakdown of what gives experience (and credits) in the game: https://wiki.wargami...nce_and_Credits

Blocking damage doesn't give any xp.

Pipinghot #4 Posted May 24 2020 - 20:26


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View PostCraig234, on May 20 2020 - 01:40, said:

OK, actually the K-91 got third most exp, less than the other two (IIRC two were about 1000, and the arty more than 200 higher).


We would need to see the battle results screens from those battles to give you specific answers. Without those battle results screen all we can do is guess based on the game mechanics.


There are multiple reasons that you can get more, or less, XP than you think you're going to, which are explained pretty well in the wiki page that Frontenac posted.


If that wiki page doesn't answer your questions then post the screenshots and I'm sure people will be happy to help you figure out the differences.

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