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6th sense and reserves

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capntex #1 Posted May 20 2020 - 12:07


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I just wanted to say that could not reserves be changed to include number of battles as opposed to timed use. I have alot of distractions and end up losing alot of time in between when i can and can't play. Using a number of battles per reserve would allow me to be more efficient in my game play. Also too would it not be benificial to game play to have  6th sense be an automatic given to tier 5 crew? I am not suggesting the full perk (although that would be nice) but having to grind thru a so many games without is awful. I know their is a 3 second delay but that assumes they have a clear shot, and knowing you are spotted is at least fair warning to be careful. Anyway if any of you agree with any of my 2 suggestions maybe WOT would take note. Thanks for your time, GLHF , 07 and stay safe...


Desert_Fox_1969 #2 Posted May 20 2020 - 13:08


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Boosters are fine the way they are. With 71k battles you should have hundreds of them by now. 


In regards to 6th sense...........wait for Crew 2.0. 

Markd73 #3 Posted May 20 2020 - 13:33


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I think that WG should give 6th sense out on all crews at all times, but that is just me.


As far as the battle based timer vs the clock based timer boost - this is an inherent biz model choice by WG. Just look at how they treat premium time. They do time based because it encourages players to spam as many games as possible and they need those tanks in battle as content for other tankers to shoot.


I am cynical but IMHO they could care less about maximizing the individuals experience and more about doing the bare minimum to keep them engaged and in cleaning out their wallet.

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