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Salty Tears Taste the Best!

Poor Losers Sore Losers Losers in General Real Losers Losing means Losses

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__WarChild__ #1 Posted May 21 2020 - 21:12


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Howdy Tankers,


If you don't know me, I have a pretty sarcastic/smart __ kind of humor.  When folks take the time to message me in game, I like to give them their money's worth. Depending upon their particular issue with me and/or their command of the English language, I love pushing their various buttons.  Being an older, more secure person, I have no trouble delving into issues that well, let's just say they "make people uncomfortable" to say the least.  But let's face it, if someone is going to message me after the game, I've ALREADY gotten to them in one way or another.  ;)


Yesterday, I was in a  Tier VII 1v1 Tournament (that I live streamed) when I ran into a reroll with a 74% winrate and nothing but a dozen premium tanks in his account - all of which had Ace Masteries.  In fact, his IS-2S didn't even register as one of his owned tanks because he doesn't hardly play ANY pub games. I was able to kill him in our battle and afterwards he messaged me some not so nice comments along with how I got "lucky."  Now, THAT is my favorite kind of salt.  I did what I normally do and pushed his buttons some more until his pain was so great, he started looking through my Tier X damage averages... (that's when I know I'm dealing with a youngster here).  A desperate search for something...anything...that could make him feel better about himself.:facepalm:


Besides the fact that I could not care one iota about my Tier X stats, my MOEs or really any of the things that stat based people focus on, I found it even more hilarious that someone without ANY Tier Xs would choose to focus on something completely irrelevant to the fact that I had just outwitted and played him in a Tier VII match.  :amazed:


Of course, being the bigger person, I congratulated him on his 2nd Place finish after the tournament was done.  I'm sure he appreciated my kind words.







PS - Would love to hear about YOUR tales of salt and spice here in this thread.  Share'm if you gott'em!

Jaguarz #2 Posted May 21 2020 - 21:18

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Someone sperged at me for hours because I killed him in Frontline, I think I killed his arty as I like to sweep the rear of the battlefield doing gods work and then spanked him when he got in another tank to "take revenge" against me. It was unreal and relentless, going on about how bad I was, how much of a cheater I am and how I was going to be banned. I still have the chat tab open in my client as I like to read it every so often and relive the hilarity.

bake3020 #3 Posted May 21 2020 - 21:41

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You do know that the next time you go for a doctors check up, he/she most likely will tell you to cut back on your salt intake.  :trollface:

Cowcat137 #4 Posted May 21 2020 - 22:22


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Got called a "Clan Stat padder" last night. 

"Buddy you obviously ain't seen my stats"

What hurts more: getting wrecked by a 10,000 rated unicum or a 3,000 rated Cowcat ? Get abuse for doing poorly, get abuse for doing well, it's a hard knock life.



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highex #5 Posted May 21 2020 - 22:41

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when people call me names, i tell them i was trained by the best: us army drill sergeant academy.

then i givem a taste. if they respond i give it the ole college best and usually dont hear from them again. 

i will say the masochistic nature of wot players surprises me sometimes.

ez_money #6 Posted May 21 2020 - 22:54


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I have never understood the point of people getting themselves all riled up about something and going out of their way to try to abuse or stalk someone when it won't change a thing. Just move on for God's sake. If someone spanked you in a battle, you'll get over it.

Markd73 #7 Posted May 21 2020 - 22:56


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If someone sends me a PM then I love correcting their spelling. Sends those kinds of people off the deep end.


Very amusing.

Helpless #8 Posted May 21 2020 - 23:18

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Omega_Weapon #9 Posted May 22 2020 - 00:24


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Recently got accused of hacking because I drove around a player and put shots in their rear until they died. He was so fixated on the tank to his front that he never noticed me until he died. He thought it was impossible for me to have snuck behind him without hacks, lol. I told him the name of my hack was "map awareness".

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