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Improving my Stats and game play

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Yojimbo50 #1 Posted May 21 2020 - 23:13

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OK please just answer my question without any negative statements. When I look at the stats of my vehs should I choose only the ones that I have a decent stat or should I purposely choose the tanks with the lower stats to improve them so the overall picture looks better. I know I can't worry about the teams I'm stuck with during a day so will that help?  And I know I have to improve myself and am trying but run into days when I seem to be on the losing side of battles so much and then I get to where I play like a clown myself. PLEASE HELP WITH SOME POSITIVE AND DOABLE CHANGES TO MY GAME!

NiteDog #2 Posted May 21 2020 - 23:22


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1) Play the tanks you enjoy playing

2) Play the tiers you enjoy playing

3) build your crew experience

4) make sure you are careful to choose proper equipment and consumables

5) Join a Clan that helps you improve and encourages platooning.

6) Submit your replays to players like Guido1212 

7) Be Patient

IMHO and I hope this helps

banziduck #3 Posted May 21 2020 - 23:59


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I agree with a lot NiteDog said, I play a lot of Mediums and suck at Heavies.  All that means is I don't play heavies a lot, I still need to work on them and I still do but when I get frustrated I go back and run some mediums.  Play what you like and become good at it.  Focus on things you can control like shots map tactics learning to play what ever better.  Build your crews and skills and enjoy the game.  When I get too focused on something it becomes work not play so don't do that.  A good player is well rounded in all the tanks but even the really good players are better in one type more than others.  If you need some help send me a video I will be happy to look it over for you.



Yojimbo50 #4 Posted May 22 2020 - 00:01

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Thank you both. I will try to take your advice and put it to good use.

_Tsavo_ #5 Posted May 22 2020 - 00:20


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I wouldn't make the most of picking tanks purely for stats, rather picking tanks you enjoy.  It's likely the tanks you enjoy are the better performers but that may hit always be the case. 


I don't really have a gauge on your playstyle but looking at non arty vehicles, you'll probably have better times in the KV2, Panzer 5/4, and LT 432.  


I'd also always to look for one more shot, or if you die, try to think how/why it happened and how, if given a second go, you would have done something better.  I know for myself, solo or tooned, it's maybe 45-60 seconds while going back to garage and loading the next game where I think how it went wrong, why it went wrong, and how can I reduce the chances of that happening to me again?   


After that minute, it's just game.   


You won't see immediate results, but as you reflect more on what you do (just a little at a time, studying not required) you'll help increase the chances of doing better next go round

Omega_Weapon #6 Posted May 22 2020 - 00:30


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If you do well in some tanks and poorly in others, it is mostly due to your preferred playing style. You will naturally play better in the tanks that already match your basic play style. If you are willing to change your style and play the other tanks how they "want" to be played, then lifting your stats in them is very doable. If you are not flexible about your playstyle though, probably best to stick with the tanks you can already do well in.

Burhead06 #7 Posted May 22 2020 - 04:29

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its a game , its meant to be enjoyed , play tanks you enjoy to play, if you enjoy the game you will make smarter choices and become a better player faster naturally

ff8ff8 #8 Posted May 22 2020 - 04:45


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As has been stated just play whatever you want.

I'd like to add that you shouldn't be worrying about stats, but worrying about improvement. After each battle take 30 seconds to reflect on the match and what you did wrong (constructive self criticism is the key to improvement).

BoghieWanKanobie #9 Posted May 22 2020 - 19:44


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I'm still working off my Noob Debt.  The grass IS greener when you work yourself out of the Tomato patch to the Orange grove.  And, becoming a Lemon does reduce the Battle Chat grind and the Garage Messaging...  It is worth...


To that end, think a bit on what class of vehicle you ENJOY.  Even if it isn't the one you are best in right now it will likely be the one you will be best in over time.  The only class I would be concerned about would be arty.  Arty is so different from the other classes that specializing in it will limit future opportunity.  You might want to pick from Heavies, Mediums, or Lights.  Even TDs are pretty different from the front line classes - but not as different as arty.


Also, the class of tank you play could change per session.  You don't have to pick one tank in one tier from one class.  Be flexible in your fun, but focus.  By that I mean maybe fire up a fun MT that you want to build up crew skills in.  However, maybe that isn't working so try an HT - rinse and repeat.  Once you hit today's class stick with it.  Have maybe three tanks in that class that you will use that session.  Over time that will mean that you are focusing on 5 to 10 tanks.  You will get good in them.  They will become your backstop during those sessions where you are going 0 for 5 and getting tilted.  Just fire up that old T-34 (one of my backstops along with the LT-432 and the Indien Panzer) or whatever and break that ugly streak.  You seem to splat all over the place each session.  Pick a few tanks and hang with them.


Finally, treat your crews right.  It ain't the tank, it is the crew.  Crews are the real GOLD in this game.  Want more gold, type in the credit card number.  Want better crews - uh, grind baby grind.  Treat them right and they will treat you right.  Have at least one great and improving crew per line you are advancing on.  Then, for tanks you enjoy fire up a new crew in them as your main one progresses past it.  No reason to make the game a grind.  Enjoy yourself in the tanks you enjoy.


Happy Hunting.

RedneckMech911 #10 Posted May 22 2020 - 20:48


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As a new player myself (see pitiful stats below), it just takes time to figure out the mechanics and the maps. Watch what other players are doing, or NOT doing. Don't be to eager to rush the map and get that first shot, because you'll be someone else's first shot. Don't get discouraged. You'll have games where you'll get waxed 30 seconds in, you'll have others where you're one of the last few on the battlefield. I came into this game thinking it would be simple to pick up and be good at. WRONG! There are A LOT of factors that go into playing a good, or even decent game. Even some of the best get wiped out quickly. It all depends on who's on the other side of the map.


One of my downfalls is not taking the time to focus on and learn just one tank, type, or tier. Pick one, play it for awhile, get a feel for it, if you don't like it, move on. Rinse, repeat. Don't be in a rush to get a T10. They're expensive and you're not ready for it. You'll find some tanks you'll absolutely love, others, you'll hate, and even others that you'll love/hate. I was awarded the SU-100Y. Loved the hell out of it the first couple games because I did really well and, for the first time, got over 1,000 damage. After that, it went downhill and I got discouraged. I still have it and I still play it, but it's not my go-to.


I guess what I'm getting at is, don't worry about the numbers, don't worry about how often you win or lose, just get in there and do your best. Learn the maps. Some avenues are good to run, others are suicide. It all depends on what you're rolling in. And don't let the haters get to you. It's just a game. Watch the tutorials and videos on YouTube. Ask questions. Ultimately, just have fun and learn from your mistakes.


That's just my $.02 having only a moth or so experience.

dunniteowl #11 Posted May 23 2020 - 03:43


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First and foremost, I want to blow crap up.  Better still, I want to make the Other Side exit the battle while I remain in it to the end.


That really is the end-all, be-all of what I'm doing here.  And I want to do that, because it's a blast, fun, cool, neat, entertaining and exciting.


Somewhere in all that, there are tanks that I just cannot seem to 'get.'  There are others that I just seem to slip into and get my groove going pretty much all  the time.


Somewhere in all THAT *^^^* I am still learning how to better use Spotting And Vision.  I am still practicing being aware of my angling, even when I don't have to right at that moment.  I am still wondering, "What can I do right now that will help my team win -- or in some cases, at least not lose for a moment longer?"  I am still doing my best to pay attention to the mini-map as well as what's happening right in front of me.


So.  When I am purposely attempting to improve something, I pick ONE thing to improve, learn or change at a time.  That could be learning how to better use LTs.  Or how to corner fight more effectively.  Maybe I'll spend a day or three focusing on how to peek and poke without taking more than half of my total damage available.  Stuff like that helps me to improve my skills, no matter what tank I'm going to play.


This includes your tanks.  When I am 'learning' a new tank or attempting to better 'get' one of those that I can't seem to do well in, but also can't seem to let go playing, I will only 'train' on that tank for a bit at a time.  As an example, I suck at the T5 DE LT Leopard for some reason.  At the same time, I just can't NOT play it when I can play those tanks with a good, clean connection.  


In those moments I am totally not worried about my WR or overall tank stats.  I'm still trying to figure out what it is that I am not getting.  Meanwhile, I just keep giving me that list:



Do Damage

Help Your Team


And apply that, to the best of my ability, to remain relevant, useful and hopefully positively impactful of the outcome for my team, which includes me.  Even in units I suck at, I am still going to do my best to keep my priorities straight, because the better I can do that in ANY tank, the better I am going to overall be able to do with those units.


Now, after I play three to five matches in a 'learning' tank, I will then take a small break from it and play another tank.  That tank, in some cases, will be a completely different sort of tank/class/type.  Most times, I will attempt to take another tank that has similar overall characteristics and play that a few times in which I do better.  This helps keep me from tunneling on just that one thing while giving me some muscle memory time to that tank I am learning.  So I'll play two to three matches in that other tank and then go back to my 'learning' tank.


Beyond that, you have been given some really good pointers by others above and of them all, I tend to lean in _Tsavo_'s direction of making sure that you do not ignore the fun factor.  That's pretty much my fist priority at all times.  If I am not going to have fun, then why bother?  Of course, as a total tomato noob at one point, I started not having fun when I realized I just wasn't good enough at this game to even win half the time.  So I had to get better.  It's sort of my nature to not walk away from something challenging until I am sure I cannot manage to at least be average at it.


That's ME, though.  Even so, you get to manage your own expectations.  You are in charge of your training schedule.  You have total control of your desire to improve versus your frustration at the pace of improvement.  You are the person that knows you best and if you can be honest with yourself and own all your play, then you can let go of most of that frustration while applying the remainder to improve your determination to learn more and observe more so you can play better -- by YOUR standards of measurement, no one else's.


For me, that still continues to be fun.  To learn more, see my improvement (even if it's just a little bit at a time) and then to apply some new understanding or knowledge to doing something else successfully on purpose during play is very satisfying to me.  And this game, metaphorically, is like weight training or body building.  If you are new at it, you can only do a little bit at a time.  You can't do all the same number of reps and use the same weights as folks that have been doing it for years.  If you try to go too fast, you will get injured (in the game, that 'injury' may be only your pride and or your stats, depending on how much those might be on your mind).


Most of all, though, you just gotta be able to hang tough and be patient with yourself.  While being patient, you must also be determined to improve and use that patience to keep you moving forward by encouragement of a 'you can do this' attitude backed with the willingness to learn new things during play.



OP, I will have to say, I REALLY ENJOY your posts.  I see you struggle and wrestle with your improvement and I admire, greatly, your tenacity in keeping at the process.  So take that advice just above as MORE ENCOURAGEMENT from me.  I'm ROOTING for you, man!




Keep it simple.

Only learn a thing or two at a time.

Play things you ENJOY!



Do Damage

Help Your Team


Know Thyself.

Be Honest.

Be Patient.




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