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[ST]Obj 430U & Progetto 65 Rebalance

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Oberjager_Jeremy_Torres #101 Posted Jun 02 2020 - 23:01


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View Postjimbalaya17, on Jun 01 2020 - 15:32, said:

Whenever I get into a game and I see 2 or 3 EBR's and 3 arty, I immediately look for either water to drown myself or a cliff to jump off of.  


Frontline is now called EBRline... I feel you

Badkarma #102 Posted Jun 02 2020 - 23:48


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View PostRidgerunner20, on May 30 2020 - 00:06, said:

WRAITH, don't take this the wrong way, but I don't have the time to play this game like the "Unicorns." I'm studying for my masters in Mechanical Engineering, got a job, and take care of my parents. One that has MS, and the other had two strokes and a heart attach 6 months ago. So, I don't have the time to put 50 hours into a video game (Even if I do like it). Just remember your words when they Nerf the tank you like or want, and have spent time trying to get. 

He won't have that issue as they generally don't nerf tier V and VI vehicles...

_W_R_A_I_T_H_ #103 Posted Jun 03 2020 - 12:52


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View PostBadkarma, on Jun 02 2020 - 23:48, said:

He won't have that issue as they generally don't nerf tier V and VI vehicles...


Do you know why?


Because most of the tanks in tiers 1-7 are balanced.  Even the E-25 is now balanced with all the OP tier 8 premium tanks. The unbalanced tanks start at tier 8 through 10.  


There are exceptions like the T67 and 38T (both recently nerfed, by they way in case you missed it) and the 3485M, but they are not BROKEN umbalanced like a DEFENDER, 430U, Progetto, Standard B, Chieftan, 279, 907, 277, and I could go on, and on, and on, Skorpian....................

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Goat_Rodeo #104 Posted Jun 03 2020 - 15:48


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I'm not sure if the "bosses" get this or not, but loads of players shy away from tier X battles to preserve their sanity. Locking in the power creep of OP reward tanks doesn't help this in the least. Standard B's and Prog 65's are not particularly a problem in my books as they're awfully squishy to begin with. You'll get trollish bounces from time to time, but it's not a dependable thing. Those two tanks will reward good map and situational awareness, but aren't terribly forgiving of mistakes in their current form. 

SpectreHD #105 Posted Yesterday, 03:41 PM


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View PostOberjager_Jeremy_Torres, on Jun 03 2020 - 06:00, said:

Cupola: 278
Average Pen of T10's: 262




Even more LoGiC, the article states that speshul cancer shells are no longer needed to pen and that the E-50 gets on par or "bEtTeR" armour!


Very evident the devs are clueless and don't even play their own game.

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