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New Maps and Rotations Desperately Needed

maps rotations

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Roundet #1 Posted May 22 2020 - 23:16


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Been playing WoT for many years and overall I enjoy the experience, with one notable exception, the maps never change in a meaningful way.  I know WoT is trying to diversify, but if you just wanna get in and play random matches, I still see the same maps that I started with years ago.  The WoT developers need to look at developing completely new maps, not modified versions of the existing ones, totally new maps are overdue.  When you generally know every aspect of a map (in my experience) it takes a lot out of the game, I know where tanks drive, arty and TD's sit and watch, I can shoot arty blind half the time and get hits because maps drive a majority of players to the same locations, and employ similar tactics over and over.  


I love the combat, I enjoy the vehicles and I used to enjoy the challenge, but there is no joy when its the same map over and over, and minor changes like adding a few new terrain features etc or pre game arty fire isn't enough, neither is adding misc air and ground detail.  I am sure there are thousands of players that would love some experiences like Battle of Cambrai, the Ardennes, Battle of Arras, Battle of Brody, Kursk (just an open stepp fight), Arracourt…  


I'm NOT trying to stir dissent or get people riled up, but I am nearing the point of walking away for good.  I have many friends I used to play with that have permanently stopped playing because the maps are stale.  More than that new map deployments should be a quarterly or bi-annual releases, regularly changing the tempo, fighting styles and adding uncertainty, something that has always been a huge factor in combat.  I stopped playing for nearly a year because I was so bored, same maps over and over, and I came back, to exactly what I left.  I know a few new ones have been rolled out, but new maps and terrain make a massive difference.  I know people will pounce on a hundred things I've stated, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.  But I know many people who have permanently left WoT that loved the game, once it becomes same ole same ole its not fun anymore.  I sincerely hope the talented developers are listening.  Thanks for your time.

Yojimbo50 #2 Posted May 22 2020 - 23:49

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Your message is falling on deaf ears my friend.  Ever player says and wants the same dang thing but it is never heard or accepted by management.  At first there were excuses that it was so so hard to make new maps and to fix the ones they removed from the game was just as hard.  Now you will get nothing but silence and they will come out with a new update touting the fix to the store, or new decals and crap you can now buy. I have watched as players have said how they wanted something different and 10 players say how its just fine but never have I heard any player say they don't want more maps. 

Plate_Arse #3 Posted May 23 2020 - 00:46


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I agree with Roundet  the maps are stale and think the semi annually release of new maps should be something that is done to keep it fresh and new after all new tanks ok but the tanks we have will be strange on a new map or 20 and provide new challenges after seven years of playing things are getting bad when no thought is needed to play the maps we have

Volcanic_lobster_220 #4 Posted May 23 2020 - 04:49


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I agree man, completely feel you 100%, in the first couple years i started playing the game it was great and i was addicted, but now recently i've got no interest in it, i've probably played less than a thousand battles this year, it's gotten really stale playing the same old maps and dealing with the same unbalanced gameplay and issues that have still not been fixed.


Clearly a lot of people still find enjoyment in WoT, but it feels like WG is WAAAAAY behind on keeping a game fresh and new for people that aren't satisfied with boring grinds and the battle experience, game modes and new tanks don't fix the problem they just distract from it, when was the last time Random Battles got a change that really made me start playing again for a while? Nothing i can think of, when was the last time i felt EXCITED to hit that Battle button and get into a match? Honestly don't remember, and no matter how many new tanks they put into the game it'll still be the exact same Tanking and gameplay experience: See which map it is > battle starts > take my tank to position > hope my teammates are good > shoot enemies > hope RNG doesn't screw me over > try to avoid incoming fire > battle ends either in victory or complete landslide loss cause team was awful. maybe i've just found more enjoyable games to spend my time on than Wot.


It's funny Wargaming is a Billion dollar company and yet it takes them 6+ months/a whole year whatever to Release a single new map to Random Battles.

I think some people would leave if there were actually any other good alternative tank games, or they didn't feel forced to stay around after putting so much money into buying Premiums or things, Not that there's anything wrong with enjoying the game the way it is, i myself just don't see any reason to stay around when the devs have made it clear they aren't in a hurry to bring changes that players are asking for or fix the things in serious need of fixing.

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