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Dr_J #1 Posted May 23 2020 - 21:02


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As a player and premium account subscriber for well over five years (closer to ten), I have found that pursuing MOE on a given tank is one of the more fulfilling and motivating goals to set for myself in this game. I don't believe I'm alone in this either.


One thing I find tedious is tracking my progress towards MOE on a given tank during a session. It would be nice to have a session statistic under the "By vehicles" view that would show the required combined damage + assist in the next battle to to move up 1%; or some other similar metric to make tracking the progress more accessible. Perhaps simply being able to see average damage per battle and the change in the MOE % during a session. This would help with the emotional payoff/fun factor of pursuing MOE on a given tank.


Just my two cents. Game is great! But it still has room to improve.

Xeraux_TV #2 Posted May 23 2020 - 21:16


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You can see how you're playing, what numbers you're putting up, with the in-game session stats tab. It doesn't show your +/- mark but it does show average damage+assisted, KPG, WR, etc.

And have you heard of this mod for MOE?

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