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Rebalanced WTE100 Stats June Update

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CardboardJedi #1 Posted Jun 02 2020 - 03:18


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On 21 April a nice man by the name of Jeff Gregg (Lead Designer of World of Tanks Mercenaries) posted this announcement regarding the Console WTE100's:




Clip capacity was reduced to eliminate the high burst capability, reload reduced to keep the essence of the tank and DPM close to what it was. Per this link i acquired from a previous post you can see the 30 day stats featuring mostly the old parameters from 25 April (below)




As of the snapshot from 25 April the WTE100 performed as follows out of 69 Tier X tanks:


#29 Survival

#23 Damage Dealt/Rec'd

#2 K/D

#29 Hit %

#1 Destroyed per Battle (tied with Prog mod 65)

#4 Av Damage

#64 Av Spotted

#63 Av Cap pts

#48 Dropped Cap pts

#28 Eff Rating

#46 WIN8


so 32.75th out of 69


As of the 01 June snapshot with more time to reflect the changes performance now reads as:

#65WR (-9)

#33 Survival (-4)

#37 Dmg Dealt/Rec'd (-14)

#7 K/D (-5)

#44 Hit % (-15)

#7 Destroyed per Battle (-6)

#23 Av Dmg (-19)

#63 Av Spotted (+1)

#29 Av Cap Pts (+34)

#53 Av Dropped Cap Pts (-5)

#49 Eff Rating (-21)

#61 WIN8 (-15)


so 39.25th out of 69 (-6.5)


#9 out of the 14 Tier X TD's


As you can see the numbers are very plain, the WTE100 is no longer OP, unbalanced, unfair or broken. It can no longer one-clip a Maus. It's just an average tank with nothing keeping WG from crediting them back to our accounts should we be already grandfathered. This is fair and the right thing to do for those of us WG allowed to grind and unlock it, and the tank is now fair for the rest of the community as well.

Markd73 #2 Posted Jun 02 2020 - 03:49


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You really want that thing back don't you? Good luck with your crusade. 


I could see WG making a tier 8 version and selling it as a premium (because reasons...), but don't hold your breath on getting the tier 10 back.

Mickey_Mouse94 #3 Posted Jun 02 2020 - 04:12


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+1 OP very well written. As long as it's balanced I don't have a problem with this tank

CardboardJedi #4 Posted Jun 02 2020 - 04:41


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We spent A LOT of effort in the old school grind for that tank. Principle of the matter i guess, plus I'm a Jarhead and all we ever get are uphill fights. Nothing to lose by trying, so if it was numbers that got it removed, maybe numbers can get it reinstated. 

heavymetal1967 #5 Posted Jun 02 2020 - 04:42


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Culled from the OP's link this is what they changed which resulted in the second stats "snapshot".





  • By adjusting the clip size, rate, and reload, we make changes that, unlike with other tanks, don’t impact the ammo stats.
  • The better clip rate (3s->2s) on the 15 cm should allow it to fire more often and with less exposure, potentially improving the vehicle’s performance.
  • Reducing the reload time should also help (especially with survival, as the tanker is vulnerable less often).
  • Dropping the clip count reduces the burst damage for both guns, which is usually why this tank feels so hard to play against (as it can pack a quick wallop).


Upcoming Changes

  • For the 12,8 cm Kanone L/61
    • Reduce the clip size from 6 to 4
    • Decrease the reload from 60 to 48
    • This will change the DPM from ~2,878 to ~2,488
    • This will change the Burst Damage from ~3,360 to ~2,240
  • For the 15 cm Pak L/38
    • Increase the clip rate from 20 to 30
    • Decrease the clip size from 4 to 3
    • Decrease the reload from 50 to 40
    • This will change the DPM from ~3,052 to ~3,068 (a marginal increase)
    • This will change the Burst Damage from ~3,000 to ~2,250


As far as what will they do with it?


If they feel there's enough cash cow potential to milk then MOO!!!  :P

bake3020 #6 Posted Jun 02 2020 - 05:16

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They could always do what they just did to the ISU-152.  Slap a K, A, or some other letter on it and bring it back as a premium.

Tsusday #7 Posted Jun 02 2020 - 06:00


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I'd say this is a bit of a bad study even tho the effort was there.


First patch there was less players of it, mostly players who had enough free xp, grinded fast enough the tank, aka whales and better players. Then the swarm of lower end players who caught up to the grind arrived and dropped the stats. Like it does with new reward tanks when more low end and mid level players get them.

The less players there is playing, the higher the stats becomes for a tank. Chieftain stats drop when a CW season ends, because there's more bad players playing them.


Also this is console, we're talking about aiming with a controller, people being more casual. Not PC where we have a mouse to aim somewhat more accurately at weakspots and faster reaction times.


I'd like to see it back, but even in it's current stat, it would dominate pubbies even more than 279e in the hand of a competent player. If someone can farm 4k+ dmg in a 50B consistently imagine what they can do as a TD with even higher clip potential.

CardboardJedi #8 Posted Jun 02 2020 - 12:30


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"Sad" is a bit harsh. This is all I have to work with and it is fairly concrete. Remember we are going up against a small but very vocal crowd who are scared out of their underoos by the Big Bad Waffle. If the handheld controller makes it so bad on console it should hurt all other tanks in the same fashion. Same controller and all... And yes I agree PC controls are easier (hence why I'm here) I don't think the mouse will rocket it up to #1 from low middle of the pack. 

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