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Relevant Durability Equipment - Ammo Characteristic Changes

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delta_nines #1 Posted Jun 07 2020 - 12:38


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Do equipment mechanics really need to change? What’s wrong with them now? Is it that a vast majority of players choose performance equipment while durability equipment is rarely used? I would like to see changes like this tested in the sandbox: increased special ammo damage to modules with decreased damage to vehicle hp. This change would steer gold ammo away from reliably inflicting raw dpm to instead reliably inflicting module damage. Reliable crit module dmg means durability equipment becomes relevant. Then one could expect that players would have to think hard about taking performance equipment over durability equipment. Yes you can take the Gun Rammer, but if that means not having Wet Ammo Rack then you’re taking a much bigger risk of ammo rack damage. Right now it’s not a big deal because an ammo rack gets damaged so rarely and detonations are even more rare. However, if special ammo were to have increased module damage and the player knew where to aim then BOOM. With this change to special ammo, one could expect: goldspam greatly reduced, balance and gameplay quality improved, strategic and thoughtful use of special ammo encouraged, knowledge of tank models to target specific modules incentivized, it’s a win-win. That’s why I like the idea of changing special ammo characteristics. Again, increase special ammo ability to reliably damage modules like engines and fuel tanks. This would have to be at the cost of lower hp damage.

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TJo7 #2 Posted Jun 07 2020 - 15:16


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Maybe some effort into new maps and less effort on wasting time making the EBR more OP and Arty even more out of control. We don't need improved equipment we need the buffs to the IS4, E100, E5 as promised.

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