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Definitely rigged

rigged stats win rate

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Markd73 #21 Posted Jun 15 2020 - 17:26


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View Postumkhulu, on Jun 15 2020 - 15:52, said:


Over 900 battles, tiers 4 and 5  are looking like this.....


Posted Image


Not quite 75%, but 60% is demoralizing enough, especially since over 50% of those bottom tier games were 2 tiers down.


I'm not quite sure why you still insist on calling it 'feelz' when I have shown these figures time and time again!. I'm wondering if you have any data which says otherwise - if so, please share.


'Feelz' provides an accurate indicator of how players perceive the game!.... :)



Seeing as I am not making any claims but simply asking for others to meet their burden of proof, then you are incorrect. Nice attempt at shifting the burden of proof though.



I would genuinely be curious if you have shared your raw data set to someone like Neato to do an independent analysis. Neato has done a pretty good job in following the scientific process when it comes to many of these rigged claims data sets.


No one is stopping you from having an opinion based on feelz. If you cite this as evidence for a claim, then it has little value vs objective scientific data sets with raw data shared and falsifiable.


Science FTW.



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Woland #22 Posted Jun 16 2020 - 00:39

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View PostWhyld, on Jun 15 2020 - 09:34, said:

That is incorrect.


in response to:


View PostRMxR, on Jun 15 2020 - 08:46, said:

Actually the order should be: "surviving, damage, kills, win"


What do you believe the correct order is? I am trying to improve and be more of an asset and influencer in my matches.

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