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VooDooKobra #41 Posted Aug 27 2020 - 20:42


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View PostFrye_Em_Up, on Aug 27 2020 - 11:30, said:

1.  I didn't post my comment based on proof of what I had thought was factual.  My guess is you are attempting to take my post out of context or bait me into making claims I never intended to make.  I posted it on my suspicion that WG was doing the things in my original post.  I never claimed any of these things were factual, but was reaching out the the community at large via this forum to see if other agree.  That's all.  If you don't agree, I don't want to hear from you.  I want to see if my suspicions are shared among the community members and to what degree.  And if there is indeed evidence & facts that other have gathered and are willing to share.


2.  People whom were banned, complaining...where are they?  I've yet to see these complaints.  Who's to say it's not fake posts WG staff had put together to make the bans seem real???  There's many opportunities and things WG can do and I believe they will go to great lengths to deceive their player base.  They are after all....Russian!


3.  This is about the game...not the developers.  Who cares.  I use Solo's mod pack and it is always behind a few days when WG releases updates.  I have used Aslain's, however I prefer Solo's and am willing to wait for the updated mod pack to come out rather than switching to some other developer.


"having a mod not work properly because the mod dev hasnt updated it until after the patch may cause crashes"


  What a BS statement...they can certainly have in client button or something that takes you to the page, that is only accessed via the client for players rather than visiting the page itself.  Very much like Tank Rewards (TR) notifies you of a reward available, you click on the notification in the WoT client and it takes you directly to the TR page already signed in, ready for you to choose your reward.  Don't tell me it can't be done.  It's been done in every combination and permutation under the sun already.  No need to make excuses for WG's lack of vision and foresight that has only fostered cheating and very well hidden their deception.

1.  in your last post you stated it as a fact and i am calling you on it, even if you are of the opinion it happens it doesnt stop you from having to back that statement up if someone calls you on it.  even if it is just suspicions i want to see something that backs up having those suspisions.  i want facts thats all


2.it happens every ban wave, if you dont see it its a you issue.  man now we are getting into massive conspiracy they fake numbers, fake posts to make the numbers look real.  thats a lot of work to go though for a ftp game isnt it?  oh and they are not russia.  if you really think this why do you support their game, quit and dont look back find a us developer that will go through great lengths to lie to you.  *cough* ea *cough* blizzard


3.  i have had outdated mods crash my game so its not BS, the system is fine how it is and it works for this and many other games.  the mods are on the WG mod page so its not like you are going to a third party site.  if it aint broke dont fix it.  i get a notification that aslains has been updated, i go to the wg page from the wg front page and get my mod.  It does though have toi do with the mod developers and their ability to keep up with patches.  the way it is now does not foster cheating 


4. i notice you skipped your progetto rant


if you think they are lying then prove they are show us a paper trail, show us some stats.    if you really think this why do you support their game, quit and dont look back find a us developer that will go through great lengths to lie to you.  *cough* ea *cough* blizzard

Frye_Em_Up #42 Posted Aug 28 2020 - 07:07


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View PostBurning_Haggis, on Aug 20 2020 - 07:09, said:

Makes my head hurt.


Sad part is I have heard many of these guys in TS going on about special accounts.   


 Holy crap, how the hell do you bash your head on the desktop for 41,000 games and still believe this sort of stuff?   

Why bother to reply or even finish reading if it makes your head hurt?  Seems like you're more of a masochist than you'd like to admit?


It's the keen eye after all those battles that picks those kind of things up.  You're not going to pick up anything underlying after only 5 battles are you?


And again, you're not the only one, If you can't identify with the subject matter or have had similar experiences or suspicions...I don't want to hear from you.  Be gone with you damned harpy!  May you burn in an inferno for all eternity!

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OnlyIdiotAint_ #43 Posted Nov 22 2020 - 09:23


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View PostFrye_Em_Up, on Aug 15 2020 - 20:56, said:

My comments sent into WG as a gripe about the game.  Please read and comment with CONSTRUCTIVE criticism or supporting claims if you believe my comments are justified.  Just want to make the game fair for everybody...as it seems very lopsided at the moment.  Below is the snippet from a ticket after I told WG I may just quit the game altogether.



As you try to rebut my comments, I also want to bring up a few other issues in the game that WG has not confirmed, that I and my fellow tankers have realized that occur in this WoT.

1)  Unium players are assigned a special profile that enable them better, more lax RNG to allow them better spotting, target hitting and damage harvesting capabilities.  This is like a carrot dangling tactic WG uses to get players to become addicted to the game to improve their stats and spend money to become better.  WG doesn't intend to actually give most of the player base those better RNG profiles they have given to many of the assigned unicums and some content contributes.


2)  If modifications are available and allowed in WoT, then why aren't sanctioned mods available via the WoT client?  Why are cheat or unsanctioned mods available and constantly updated for cheaters to install and use.  Why not make the sanctioned mods available in the client only with some kind of digital signature, as WG's approved status?  My guess is WG wants cheaters in the game.  WG needs cheaters because it keeps players thinking they can get better if they play incessantly, as if they were addicted, spend money on the new tanks, gold and other upgrades.  It's in WG's favor to allow cheaters in the game as WG has shown they do NOT intend to actually permanently ban cheaters because they are actually beneficial to WG's revenue source.


In conclusion, it seems the game IS in fact, rigged.  That WoT is presenting a game to players as free to play, then there are in-game purchases that allow for certain advantageous and attractive attributes and are constantly take them away. That some players, possibly unknowingly, have a profile assigned to them by WG that gives them an advantage in the WoT.  That WG actually has and wants to keep a stable of cheaters in the game for the benefit of incoming revenue.


I would like to have a complete and conclusive response to my comments from WG, be it the executives or the programmers themselves.






i wish i had this unicum RNG that you speak of. 

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Kharah_reppinNLD #44 Posted Nov 22 2020 - 12:49

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View PostFrye_Em_Up, on Aug 28 2020 - 08:07, said:

And again, you're not the only one, If you can't identify with the subject matter or have had similar experiences or suspicions...I don't want to hear from you.  Be gone with you damned harpy!  May you burn in an inferno for all eternity!


So what you're saying is, you're literally tunnel visioning and not wanting to listen to other (perhaps correct) opinions. Got it.


Come back when you're willing to consider those other opinions because you don't know what you're talking about. You don't provide facts to back up your outrageous claims. The best you got is a fishing rod to try to fish for some parts of an explanation which you pray will turn into something correct and that people will believe.

Spartan_1337_ #45 Posted Dec 04 2020 - 20:47


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Not sure if anyone else suggested this, but always watch replay yourself first. I had a situation that sounds similar, and on review realized a hidden unit of the same type hit me, not the same player. 

DVK9 #46 Posted Dec 07 2020 - 16:11


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View PostDer_Freischutz, on Aug 20 2020 - 18:30, said:


How about you guys just start enforcing rules... instead of allowing bots?

Thank you... Your friendly JOHNS HOPKINS GRAD!

The only server with bots is the SA server.

The Asian I think had them when there wasnt a lot of players.


LucasAnon #47 Posted Dec 09 2020 - 17:16

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As usual, those topics are:


- REEE im getting owned everytime, they must be cheating.

R: Prove it, send replays

- NO! They are cheating because i know!

R: But without proof, you cant be 100% right.





I lost faith in humanity long time ago because of those narrowed-mind folks out there..

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