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Incoming! Check out more information about the Battle Pass season 2 Heroes!

KRZY Battle Pass Season 2

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KRZYBooP #1 Posted Jun 19 2020 - 16:27

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Howdy Boom Jockeys!


Earlier this month we revealed the new battle pass season with the chance to earn some new tank styles, and crew. More information on how to earn these can be found HERE.


Check out more information about the equipment on these 3D styles and the crew members by clicking HERE.

AndrewSledge #2 Posted Jun 19 2020 - 16:29


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I guess the fact that the Czech commander is supposed to be a medic explains the Red Cross med kit on the Krakanos reward camo.

bravo9er #3 Posted Jun 19 2020 - 18:10

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Being before my time, it would be interesting to have The Chieftain explain the role of tanks during the Vietnam war, as my image is that of troops dropping in/out in choppers and being supported by Cobra gunships, and certainly not tanks.  If anything the skin should have been for the Sheridan, except we don't have the real Sheridan. 

Shaggoth #4 Posted Jun 20 2020 - 02:48


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RE the Patton... Charlie don't surf

y_KnT #5 Posted Jun 20 2020 - 04:17

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fun article, great job highlighting the skins, buying battlepass just for this

dirtdeviltank #6 Posted Jun 20 2020 - 14:28


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now support is not even letting file a ticket?????!!!!!!!!



So now is only login issues or install issues support,,,, you guys are really getting worst!!! But the community is starting to notice so is ok!   my issues:
1- I spend 500 gold to reset a commander to a gunner to find out after that hers perk of six sense CANOT be taken away,,,, I have placed "attach" an image here,,,,,, so can you guys help me with that or im also [edited]with a 500 gold transaction due to your poor explanations so people can pay more money......can at least you put a warning saying,,, "if you reset this crew it six sense perk will not be reset" if you had some kind of warning i wouldn't spend that fuking money for no reason.....
2- The tank Defender that i Bought months ago has not shown any improvement,,, I have spent over 8 million credits on training to 3 skill crew and replace the crew,,,,, 89 battle later still cant win a fuking fight on this tank.  i have copied the entire conversation from previous interaction here.... I truly believe now that you guys actually mess with my account,  tank or whatever cuz is not possible that this tank runs at 30% victory rate when i can at least play 44victory rate. Why are you messing with me!

ID 122711051: Content or interface issue
Aleksey Karpovich
Created 3 months ago
Dear dirtdeviltank,

We are sincerely sorry that you have this impression of the game, but we respect your decision.

For our part, we will continue to work hard to develop and improve the game.

Perhaps in the future, we will be able to pleasantly surprise you.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us again.
Kind regards,
Created 3 months ago
No, I'm actually done with ur game and company, u have lost me as a customer, fan, and player,,,,, and I will post this entire conversation on all my forums so people can see how you treat paying customers with your turn around answers and most how purchasing goods from your company is a huge gamble. Can wait until some else create a better tank game because you are taking advantage of people and thier wallets and yet still the game has flaws.

Created 3 months ago
No need,,,,,, I'm done spending money in this game,,, I rather spend money in another game that I don't depend on your game matching flaws. So thank for wasting my time and money,,,,,,,,

Claude Bonk
Created 3 months ago
Dear dirtdeviltank,

Thank you for contacting us again.

We are wanted to inform you, that the matchmaker is an automatic program that gathers teams from the vehicles in the waiting queue. In Random battles, teams are always formed by the same method without taking into consideration the national identity, modules and equipment of a vehicle, crew skills and statistics of players.

Please note, the game does not have any restrictions or barriers in this matter. All game mechanics work the same for all players. For us no matter which team wins or loses. The outcome of the battle depends on the players who play in a virtual battle. The matchmaker is an automatic program that does not take into account the win rate of the player, his skill and knowledge.
In addition, the matchmaker does not take into account the number of battles that ended with defeat or victory. We do not have mechanisms that would regulate the victories or defeats of both individual players and teams made up for battle.

We understand that there are different players in the game as well as in the battle: those who show the most effective results during the battle, and those who are not interested in a good and productive game. Unfortunately, we cannot influence each player personally. 
We are sorry that you are having such an opinion about the game and the 'Object 252U Defender' vehicle. We have compiled the feedback you have given us and submitted it to the Development Team for further consideration.
They know that matchmaker is not perfect, but they are trying to find a solution that will fit a lot of players. Unfortunately, not all requirements and wishes can be considered at once. You can find more information about it in the following article: https://worldoftanks...-status-update/

We hope that in the future you will enjoy the game from all its positive aspects. You can follow our news on the official website: https://worldoftanks.com/

Should you have any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards,
Created 3 months ago
Good evening, thank you for your response. But Im staring to believe that either you are ignoring me or you are making fun of me.

The reason, because If you look at my profile you would see that I'm part of a clan, been playing for a long time, and have invested close if not more to a thousand dollars in your game. I also have twitch and use team speak to platoon or clan wars with my friends and family. Not to mention that I'm part of the salute program as I am a Army veteran. And to top it off I have over 13k battles, Therefore you sending me advices and link on how to improve the rating was a bit offensive.

Moreover I have already play today in platoon with my clan to help me and it was actually worst as today is
36 batlles
12 victories
24 hard core defeat

Check the logs and u will see.
I just bought the strv 81 witch is no great defender and yet have 63 battles, 38 Victories, and 25 losses..... Got the renegade 184 battles, 98 victories, 84 defeats....
None of them lost so many battles and pair me up with more that 60% of bad players. Do your company does this on purpose?

I Am disappointed with your product Defender and also with the way you have handle this concern. All I want if for that tank to perform at least with beginners game experience that I have but not below. Beacuse that don't help me advance in the game that I'm always spending money on.....

Oh by the way, i was also disappointed with my Christmas boxes, I spent over 200 dollars hoping for a progreto or the 703, and I got a TD su 130, (witch is a such awsome tank thank you, but I don't like to play Tank Destroyer as much only for campaigns mostly) when I really like is mediums and heavies. So I have been disappointed before, and yet I'm buying the 50tp with twicht,,, so I'm a fan and love this game. I play at least 2 hours a day. Didn't not expect this out of you and your company.

Claude Bonk
Created 3 months ago
Dear dirtdeviltank,

Thank you for contacting us again.

We are wanted to inform you, that victories are not guaranteed in the game. The result of the battle depends only on the players who take part in it. That is why the team that better organizes their actions and chooses the right tactics in battle frequently wins, but the number of wins (defeats) during the game session is not limited either. It is possible as a series of victories, and a series of defeats.

However, you can increase your chance of winning by playing with your friends in the platoon and using voice communication. You can find other players for the team game in the general chat room and on our forum: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/

In addition, please note, all vehicles in the game have their pros and cons. The effectiveness of the 'Object 252U Defender' vehicle depends on the actions of the players who control it. Probably, it will be useful for you to read these discussions:


Should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us again or visit the World of Tanks Support Portal. 
Good luck, have fun & Happy Tanking!

Kind regards,
Created 3 months ago
29 battles, 10 victories, 19 defeats,,,,, this doesn't looks nothing like the long explanation that you gave me. Like I said I don't expect to win all, moreover I can see even losing up to 45% of the times, but this is not worth 55 dollars or even a premium account. I mean what does good a premium account with a digital 55 dollars tank if it loses 76% time of the time in battle just because the team was s actually worst than me. I can't even learn how to use this tank properly cuz the team dies before I even get a chance to full develop. So another words a did a bad choice spending money in this game again cuz it looks like I just not going to play the tank since all it does is ? Correct?

Alice Phillips
Created 3 months ago
Dear dirtdeviltank,

Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate the time and effort that you have spent on creating a ticket regarding this matter.

We'd like to inform you that the matchmaker builds two teams with several key criteria in mind. Its goal is to get you in a battle quick and make sure the two teams it assembles are:
· Comparable in their aggregate combat parameters
· Diverse in vehicle types and versatile enough to provide an engaging gaming experience
· Balanced in a way that gives both sides a chance at victory

Initially, each of the teams has roughly equal technical capabilities and chances of winning. How players will take advantage of the opportunities presented depends only on them. It is worthwhile to understand that it is a teamplay game, so often the team that will better organize its actions and chooses the right tactics wins. The player's personal skill stands in the background, although it is important.
You are free to organize a platoon with your friends to play more effectively and choose those tactics which could lead your team to victory.

Any financial operations in the game (payments included) do not affect the work of game mechanics (matchmaker included) in any way. It gives neither only top position in the list of the team nor the only high penetration value.
You can also find the information about the work of the matchmaker in this article - https://worldoftanks...of-matchmaking/

We monitor the status of the matchmaker and other parameters of the game. If required, its settings will be changed. All game mechanics work equally for all players.

Should you have any other issues please don't hesitate to contact us.

Good luck on the battlefields!
Kind regards,
Created 3 months ago
hello, I would like to know why I spent over 50 dollars on the Defender and i get match over 6 battlers in a row with a very bad team. I mean i keep saying that I'm not going to spent money in this game,,, and yet when i give it another chance, this happens,,,, i want to know why is it that i get pair up with such bad players all the time, is actually frustrating, abusing, and disturbing on your behalf. I understand cant win all of them but over ten defeats out of 17 games in the normal basis do to bad team is actually mess up system. so there is a possible way you guys can fix this instead of giving me a link to some useless information that will not help me to fix this. thank you.

KABOOM_323 #7 Posted Jun 20 2020 - 19:05


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Hi Wargaming, would it be possible to release a second version of both styles? No mine blade for TVP and less junk on the Patton (especially at the back of the turret)? I love Battle Pass, especially the mini-stories about the commanders, but styles this season are overkill. I feel like a lot of players agree that the styles could be toned down a little.

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Harvester_0f_Sorrow #8 Posted Jun 23 2020 - 00:48


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The inscription is also found on the...................................................................................................................? lol  I think somebody forgot something there.

Is it just me or are these styles FUGLY??? I do not even know which one I would choose lol. Styles should also look as good as they do in the garage. In the garage some styles and camo's look pretty damn amazing and then on the battlefield its a big MEH!!!


Bravadu #9 Posted Jun 29 2020 - 21:43


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I feel like I'm necroing this thread, but here's a little tip on selling things.


The same thing that would not sell as well at $10 would sell a lot better at $9.99 - it's just the way humans are and we can't change that


Similarly, if are receiving something, 5,000,000 credits feels like a lot more than 4,900,000 credits  (battle pass 2 reward) even though it's only a 2% difference.  


Humans like nice round numbers if they're receiving it and not so if they're paying it.  (even though the difference is trivial) - it's psychological


My 2 cents


Side note: I would not fall for the 9.99 gimmick if I feel like it's not worth it (impulse buys aside), but receiving a nice round number always feels better

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