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[BCAMP] is recruiting Active Players

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Cubanrevel #1 Posted Jun 20 2020 - 19:11


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We are Getting ready for the New Clan War season ahead of us and we are seeking players available to participate in Global Map Clan Wars, Advances and Skirmishes.

We Love to  keep a chill, friendly & social gaming environment.

We Know everyone has a real Life, with us you can Play Everyday or when you can

If you are a Casual Player we wont Judge you, still come join us 

All we care is that you love and are good Playing tanks

We have fun while we sharpen and refine our gaming skills in the training room and platooning with other players in the clan.

We always seek to fight other top clans.

Having a competitive edge doesn't stop us from having a good community relationship.


Requirements* to Join:

1.- Speaks English + Spanish to communicates during games.

2.- WN8 - 1000+Recents* + Win Rate - 48% Recent.*

3.- At least two CW tanks in the current meta, Maus, Obj. 277, 5A, Obj. 430U, Super Conq.

4.- At least four active days a week.

5.- Most importantly, the ability and willingness to better yourself as a competitive player.

6.- TeamSpeak is mandatory for War related events:    ts32.gameservers.com:9116


* If you want to join but your stats are not there yet, feel free to send us a message anyways.

If you only want to play the upcoming cw event, message us.

Contact: Cubanrevel, 1_Cyber_Sniper or Schnitzel_0 (In game or TeamSpeak) for recruitment.

kumputerdave #2 Posted Jun 21 2020 - 02:01


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Listen, to have me as a clan member you have to be patient and well, you have to have lots of patience. You guys have helped me become a much better player this last few months...Thanks for all you do!


See you all on the battlefield!

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