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More cool City maps - let those ideas flow

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TankFullOfBourbon #1 Posted Jun 21 2020 - 20:33


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Hiya tankers.


I love the new Berlin map, mainly because it give me a chance to shoot at the remains of the Hitler bunker. I think city maps are great and I think WG should make more of them. Here are my suggestions:


  • Rome: Crashing into the Fountain of Trevi with Anita Ekberg swimming in it, driving up the Spanish Steps with Audrey Hepburn on her Vespa at the bottom, driving into the Colloseum and the St Peter's place, destroying it like the Huns never did.
  • Amsterdam: psychedelic interference while driving along small tiny streets next to deep canals, red lights in windows, coffee shops.
  • London: all the streets are full of cars in queues, one spawn at Buckingham Palace and the other by Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus being one of the chokepoints for heavies, mediums criss-crossing through Chinatown and SoHo, weird smells and no dentists.
  • Budapest Encounter mode: Flag circle is up on the Castle hill, one team spawning by Margareta island, the other by the big market. What a race to get there first.


There must be many more cities that WG can base their maps on. Your suggestions?

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Xeraux_TV #2 Posted Jun 21 2020 - 20:34


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I literally don't care at all, as long as it's not garbage. Every map could be the surface of Mars, visually, and as long as it's better than the recent trash I'd be happy.

larrytdale1965 #3 Posted Jun 21 2020 - 21:55


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BERLIN MAP ..............i have only seen it 4 times since it came out

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