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Incoming! Equipment 2.0 testing available in sandbox

KRZY Sandbox test testing equipment

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donovan #41 Posted Jul 01 2020 - 00:52


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Just making OP tanks stronger will make the majority worse. How about fixing tank balance first? Russian tank that doesn't have a lower plate with better equipment. Russian medium with 4.59sec reload. 0.31 dispersion HESH. Commander's Vision System equipment. Just things I saw off the top of my head.

I'll just use a sheriff account so I can also not care about balance or player base and yes I'm asking if I can use a sheriff account again it was ACTUALLY fun.

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slayer6 #42 Posted Jul 01 2020 - 13:49

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Just tried the Maus with the Spall Liner, Bonds Improved Configuration, and Hardening...


Yeah... No...


How to completely invalidate enemy fire, short of gold rounds...


Now let's apply this to a tank I don't have such as the 279e...


For a joke I made a BatChat 25t into a real scout tank...


These changes are just pure and utter stupidity...

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vandergrass #43 Posted Jul 01 2020 - 14:12


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Fix the marchmaking say the community

A new equipment for the game need the game says wargaming

Trauglodyte #44 Posted Jul 09 2020 - 18:52


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I'm very late, to the party, but here is my feedback:


- Creating more of a bonus, on Bond Equipment, is going to create a MASSIVE problem and should be tone down, to match Bounty equipment... do NOT create a wider gap, between the "haves" and "have nots"


- Improved Rotation Equipment got a lot better, though I'm concerned that the dispersion bonus is too weak, compared to what Vertical Stabilizers provide (no, TDs cannot use Vstabs but that makes it more problematic that the bonus is weaker)

- Survivability equipment pieces are extremely lacking; the longevity bonuses aren't enough and the lack of combat functionality bonuses make them extremely weak, to the point of them never being used

- Additional Grousers is really lacking, even despite the improvements to the bonuses - would you entertain moving the +suspension weight and Hardening "effect", to Grousers and calling it Additional Grousers and Suspension

- Love the Turbocharger but 1) setting it, at tier 8-10, really takes a lot out of it and 2) speed bonus, alone, isn't substantial enough

- Low Noise Exhaust System is too dangerous, in a game environment where camouflage overly deteriorates vision

- Improved Radio Set is nice but is still sort of lacking

- The new Commander's Vision System is great but it needs something like 5% vision (or more, if you make it for stationary vehicles only, ala Binoculars)


Things are moving, in the right direction.  But, there is still a lot of work, to be done.  You need to realize that purist equipment, will always be the meta.  If something doesn't let you shoot faster, shoot straighter, shoot more balanced (see VStabs), or see further, players aren't going to buy into the new pieces.  Look to add, in smaller doses, Vents, Rammer, Optics, etc. into the new equipment.

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