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Summer Developer Q&A Questions

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Lugia345 #41 Posted Jul 08 2020 - 07:23


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I just wanted too ask when finaly we get server transfers like every other MMO got them (WoW for example), also this is still not answered in any offical way http://forum.worldof...ge-faq/#topmost

TheyCallMeJiggles #42 Posted Jul 14 2020 - 23:55


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is the ammo rework still in the works or has it been abandoned?


In tiers 8-10 it seems premium ammo is heavily overused and it to me and quite a few other players agree,armor has being nearly pointless and i don't believe that "only 10% of all ammo fired is premium ammo"


EDIT: i noticed on the test server how they have the ammo set up in steel hunter mode,HEAT has more damage,less pen while APCR has more pen,less damage,this a good idea of how it should be with regular tanks and premium ammo vs regular ammo


And with ranked battles its pure premium ammo spam and makes it very discouraging from playing Ranked battles and the higher tiers...

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