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End All Be All Rigged MM Thread

rigged skill sbmm mm fail teams match maker rants

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Poll: End All Be All Rigged MM Thread (27 members have cast votes)

You have to complete 100 battle in order to participate this poll.

Would you like to see a pinned thread where ALL rigged MM or SBMM daily rants should go to save you from having to see them again?

  1. Yes (22 votes [81.48%])

    Percentage of vote: 81.48%

  2. No (5 votes [18.52%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.52%

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Woland #1 Posted Jun 26 2020 - 15:31

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Can we get a mod to pin this?


Perhaps this can be a pinned topic where people (especially the same few) can come and post about how MM and the game is rigged.

By pinning it, these people can continue their daily rants about being saddled with fail teams without having to start a new thread every day.

More than that, it will be a safe space for those hoping to apply confirmation bias to prove their point. 


Besides providing a safe space for the SBMM, rigged, pay to win, tinfoil hat crowd, it will free up space on the main board for more instructive, uplifting, and educational topics.



_Tsavo_ #2 Posted Jun 26 2020 - 15:33


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Yes, but only if it was in the locked thread section with the rest of the trash posts

FLCN #3 Posted Jun 26 2020 - 15:41

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But Russian bias is killing the game and making the games all end in 15-1 defeats. Why silence the truth :(






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The_Diadect #4 Posted Jun 26 2020 - 16:06

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maybe mm is rigged, but no one has statistically proven anything (I wont either because I dont care) in their rant threads. if someone were to take their arguments as evidence in court, they would be laughed out the door. I don't understand why they think it's gonna be any different here.


this game has rng. you live by the dice, you die by the dice. deal with it.

Cupujoe #5 Posted Jun 26 2020 - 17:59


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View Post_Tsavo_, on Jun 26 2020 - 15:33, said:

Yes, but only if it was in the locked thread section with the rest of the trash posts

Tsavo nailed it  !

Odo_de_Barri #6 Posted Jun 26 2020 - 19:18


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Why?  The forums are the place to vent (vice in-game where a lot of obstructive vitriol is spewed).  These subjects create more activity on this forum than most other subjects.  Its not a big deal and one can always simply ignore the posts and not be driven to overly defend or assert one perspective or the other.


On another matter:  Stop testing so those damn numbers stop rising...phew!  Problem solved.

Astralite #7 Posted Jun 26 2020 - 19:34


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Yes, it would be nice to have it pinned that there is indeed rigging going on.

Otter_von_Bismarck #8 Posted Jun 26 2020 - 19:55


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I would like people who make these posts to be permanently banned from the forums.

stubmw #9 Posted Jun 26 2020 - 19:57

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I have advocated for master threads in the past so it should not just be with this subject. Some of my suggestions for master thread titles:


1. Arty sucks or should be kicked out.

2. RNG sucks or is rigged.

3. Wheelies should be tossed or nerf'd into oblivion.

4. This Map sucks or should be removed with the Dev responsible fired.

5. Gold spammo sucks for a variety of reasons.

6. I am tired of getting all these dummies on my team.

7. WG hates German tanks, place your rant here.

8. Russian bias is BS, place your rant here.

9. I am new here and obviously this game is rigged.


Feel free to add or delete as appropriate.


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