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Looking to be a fill in for clan wars .

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ZipperDown #1 Posted Jun 28 2020 - 05:36

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To be honest i would like to try my hand and also get the battles i need to take part in the auction. Have a clan i love but they dont do clan wars . Would be willing to hang out to see if ya need someone . I have all the tier tens besides the clan wars tanks and the t 22 medium. I have a 260 and a 279 and every other tech tree tank. I use discord not teamspeak. My stats are not the best but do a bit better in team stuff. Anyway if interested hit me up here or in game. Only thing i ask if you could get me in at least 5 battles otherwise ill sit out when needed and fill in when needed. thx for ready have a good day.

InappropriateHandHolding #2 Posted Jun 28 2020 - 09:14


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Lol watch out this guy might push you or your toon mate out then get salty when you call him out for it.  I miss the days when that happend and he was no longer in that match.

Highly_Illogical #3 Posted Jul 01 2020 - 21:41


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toxic mr minnerrr

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