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The Großtraktor - Krupp

Gtraktor Krupp premium medium tank

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C257_Tanks #1 Posted Jun 29 2020 - 01:28


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I purchased in because it was on sale for $12 with 30 days premium, and just 30 days premium costs the same, so I figure the tank was free.


I see they only made 6 in "real life" because test found that the thin armor was a risk.  (were they surprised with that finding?)


I was wondering if anyone knows what that is on the back of this tank? it sure looks like another can with its tube blocked.  Of course it doesn't fire anything in WOT and I don't think it did in "real life" either, but were the original designers thinking about trying to do that?


It's a fun little number but not outstanding by any means.  After all what does one expect for what's basically a free tank.




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