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Foe Hammer [F--H] recruiting, Callers/Players

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supergee8 #1 Posted Jul 01 2020 - 00:35


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Foe Hammer [F--H] clan is recruiting both experienced players
(Calling ability would be a great benefit) and players wanting
to improve their skills.


We are a small clan trying to expand our participants as well
as our skill levels, the clans as well as your personal one.


Recruitment Requirements:


Be of A Mature nature regardless of age.


Win/Loss ratio is determined by War Gaming Match making
so don't worry about your win percentage, it's not a true
measure of your abilities.


Your rating is also looked at openly. Though we would like
good players to help us grow, any participant is welcome to
apply. We all get better as a team and our ratings with it.


Tier X, 3  tanks would be nice,

Tier VIII, 3 tanks would be nice for SH,

Tier VI, again 3 would be nice,


We understand that you may be grinding for tier VIII, IX or X tanks
so exceptions can be made to number and quality of your garage.


Be available (real life allowing) up to 1-4 nights a week clan
wars, advances, strongholds and training.


TS - Mic and Headset a must (no feedback please)


****You must have TeamSpeak installed**** a microphone and/or
      speakers within a few days of joining the clan.


"TeamSpeak IP: foehammertime.ddns.net"


    Members should be able to follow commands, perform to potential, respect
your teammates and enjoy winning.  Remember, “any feedback is a gift” for
improving play and conduct.


What you can expect:


    A fun and competitive gaming atmosphere.


    Opportunity for members to step up as organizers, Officers, callers etc.
We need quality leaders as much as participants.


    A group of like minded players to: Platoon; participate in tournaments;
share tips and advice on tanks and gameplay.


    Stronghold and Clan Wars – as many events as we can get to players to
participate in – we just don’t want to farm gold but play as a team, pursue
reward tanks and industrial resources for boosters, etc.


    Boosters – for credits, experience etc. (more frequently based on Stronghold
 participation and success)   




Come On In! for a look around, see what we're about before applying if you wish.

We are 7 days a week, 5 days for clan wars, strongholds or training. 2 days a week
are off days, don't let that stop you from coming to platoon with fellow members.


Our muster for Clan wars, training or strongholds starts at 9:00pm Est, 8:00pm
Central, 7:pm Mnt, 6:00pm West and usually lasts for up to 2 hours.


Apply at "TeamSpeak IP: foehammertime.ddns.net", or the in game clan portal.at

"FoeHammer[F--H]". You can also leave an in game message to "Taffy77", "Supergee8"
or "Ghostbob13".


The best way is by the in game clan portal. Look up FoeHammer click on the apply.
Someone will contact you inside 24 hours.


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