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in game contacts list

Broken Contacts List

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scorpionad1 #1 Posted Jul 01 2020 - 01:03


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Hi team. For some time now my in game contacts list is not working. When I log  into the game and are setting in the garage. Most times my friends can not see me on there friends list and i can not see them. For use to be able to platoon up with each other I have to do a game restart and that seams to work most times. The thing is guys it was not always like this. I have been putting up with issue for the last 2 years now just hoping that you would fix it in your patches. So fare you have not. Can you please fix this. Thanks scorpion1.

Littleholyterror #2 Posted Jul 01 2020 - 04:20


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I had a similar problem about 2 months back with just one friend on my list. We deleted each other from the list and resent friend request. Never had the problem again.

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